Master of Science in Business and Management

Maryland Smith’s Master of Science in Business and Management (MSBMGT) program provides you with a foundational set of business skills to supplement and build on a wide range of undergraduate degrees. A master’s in management helps your resume stand out when you are just starting your career. You’ll gain knowledge in a range of subjects – including financial, marketing and strategic management – to accelerate your career trajectory and get you started in the business world.

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International students who need an F1 visa must have a submitted and completed their application by April 20 to be considered for Fall 2022.

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Why Get a Smith MS Business and Management Degree?

Maryland Smith’s MSBMGT program allows you to explore the inner workings of an organization and refine your critical thinking skills on a variety of management-related topics - key qualities that position you to become more marketable in your job search and a high-performer in any professional field. We'll also introduce you to widely-used business technology and demonstrate how it can be applied to the work you'll do in your chosen industry.

Enhance Your Current Education with Management Expertise

Build upon the skills you gained in your non-business bachelor's degree program with a management focus that will make you more marketable in your chosen field.

Develop Confidence in your Quantitative Capabilities

Our professors will assist you in grasping the basics of using in-demand technology with a concentrated focus in management.

Explore a Broad Set of Business Topics

Through your core courses and electives, you'll acquire skills in various business topics, such as accounting, finance, strategic management and marketing.

MS Business and Management at a Glance

Average tuition money saved by pursuing a business master’s degree through the Plus 1 program compared with a traditional graduate program path.

Available as a Plus 1 Program 

If you're a current University of Maryland freshman, sophomore or junior, you can pursue your MSBMGT degree through the Plus 1 program. You’ll save time and thousands of dollars on graduate tuition though this accelerated business master’s program.

Learn More: Plus 1 Program

Apply and Receive Admissions Benefits

Maryland Advantage can make it easier for applicants who have completed their undergraduate and/or graduate degree in the United States to transition into the business master’s program by helping them save money on tuition, skip graduate entrance exams and get personalized career counseling before starting their program.

Learn More: Admissions

Acquire Valuable Skills

As a student in the MS Business and Management program, your learning experience will be interactive and will challenge you to learn critical-thinking and problem-solving skills for the real world. You’ll learn how to manage others and create effective business strategies – valuable skills that will make you more competitive as you pursue opportunities.

Learn from Expert Faculty

Your professors are savvy, well-connected business experts with years of experience in leadership roles. They will push you to take your skills to the next level and offer valuable guidance as you navigate your coursework and career.

Three-time Distinguished Teacher Award recipient.

Expert in behavioral ethics and selection decision and biases in the workplace.

Rellie Derfler-Rozin

Allen J. Krowe Teaching Excellence award recipient.

Dean’s Professor of Management Science and Operations Management.

Expert in forecasting, supply chain risk and the economics of security.

Tunay Tunca

Distinguished Teaching, Most Effective Core Professor and the Allen J. Krowe Teaching Excellence award recipient.

Expert in financial reporting and disclosure, corporate diversification, accounting information in the macroeconomy and the real effects of financial markets.

Rebecca Hann

Academic Director

Rellie Derfler-Rozin
Academic Director, MS in Business and Management Program


Nicole M. Coomber

Assistant Dean of the Full-Time MBA Program

Judy Frels

Senior Fellow, Executive Development Programs and Clinical Professor

Rebecca Hann

Assistant Dean of Doctoral Programs

Rachelle Sampson

Associate Professor

Tunay Tunca

Dean's Professor of Management Science and Operations Management

Where Your Degree Can Take You

In Maryland Smith’s Master of Science in Business and Management (MSBMGT) program, you'll gain the business skills that employers want. The knowledge you’ll gain from your experience at Maryland Smith will prepare you for exciting roles in nearly any professional industry you decide to enter.

Starting salary difference of new hires with a bachelor's degree versus a master's in management degree
Projected annual base starting salary range for new master's in management hires
MSBMGT students who have secured employment within six months of graduating

Sources: Maryland Smith Office of Career Services, GMAC

Picture Yourself in These Job Roles



Marketing Management

Project Management

Strategy and Innovation

Supply Chain Management

“Data Models and Decisions was one of my favorite classes. I knew the subject matter would come in handy for any job I would go into and the professor who taught it made it an engaging and enjoyable topic.”

Victoria Radcliffe
MS Business and Management ’17
Product Development Associate, GeneDx

Businesses Who Have Hired Our Business Master's Grads

Boost Your Professional Skills 

Maryland Smith’s Office of Career Services (OCS) can help you bridge the gap between being a student and an employed professional. You’ll have one-on-one access to a career coach who will provide you with personalized tips on how to articulate your strengths when interacting with your future employer.

Learn More: Office of Career Services

Connect With Your Classmates

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to make connections at Smith and engage in exciting social activities through the Smith Masters Student Association. 

Learn More: Smith Masters Student Association

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