Learning that Reflects the Real World

At the Robert H. Smith School of Business, you'll acquire the in-demand skills that major employers look for when recruiting new talent. You'll be prepared to make a real impact and stand out in the job market.

A Portfolio of Solution-Driven Skills

Your courses will challenge you to think critically about solutions for real problems businesses face every day. Concepts you'll explore include:


  • Analytics and Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Financial Management and Analysis
  • Programming Languages, such as Python
  • Quantitative and Computational Skills
  • Data Visualization

Connections to Help You Succeed 

You'll meet well-connected and knowledgeable career coaches, students and alumni who want to see you succeed. The skills, connections and support you'll receive will help you take your business career to the next level.

Participate in Experiential Learning Projects

Apply what you learn by solving real-life business cases, competing in data competitions and participating in Google Analytics challenges.

Yulia Ogorodova

“We have professors who are renowned across the world for their theories. It’s impressive to be learning from people who are creating these theories."

Yulia Ogorodova
Master of Finance ’15 | VP of Asset Management; Independence Realty Trust, Inc.

World-Class Faculty Invested in Your Future

Our faculty are distinguished, award winning experts and scholars who demonstrate excellence in the business world. They are thought leaders in their fields and are available to provide you with the support and guidance you’ll need to advance in your career.

Former Finance Executive at Citigroup, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and Washington Mutual

Expert in Risk Management, Bank Capital Issues and Housing Finance Reform

Cliff Rossi

European Research Paper of the Year Award Recipient

Expert in using Data Science for Business Analytics, Advertising, Television, Social Media and Crowdfunding

Jessica Clark

Co-creator of the Gordon-Loeb Model for Cybersecurity Investments

Internationally Known Scholar and Accounting Author

Expert in Cybersecurity and Managerial Accounting

Lawrence Gordon

President of the Air Transport Research Society

Expert in Air Transport Policy and Logistics Management

Martin Dresner

Allen J. Krowe Teaching Recipient

Former CPA at PricewaterhouseCoopers

Expert in Corporate Financial Reporting and Intangible Investment Accounting

Michael Kimbrough

Distinguished University Professor

PepsiCo Chari in Consumer Science

Expert in Marketing Analytics, Eye-Tracking and Visual Marketing

Michel Wedel

Former Fellow and Consultant for NASDAQ and the Presidential Task Force

Expert in Market Microstructure, Corporate Finance, Asset Pricing and Management and Private Equity

Pete Kyle

Editor for the Journal of Business Logistics

Expert in Logistic Systems, Inventory Management and Intermodal Transportation

Phil Evers

Allen J. Krowe Teaching Award Recipient

Expert in Securities Markets, Microfinance, Quantitative Equity Strategy and Stock Price Setting for Institutional Investors

Russ Wermers

Allen J. Krowe Teaching Award Recipient

Expert in Forecasting, Supply Chain Risk and the Economics of Security

Tunay Tunca

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