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  • Laura Benkowski
    Inspired to Shine: An Entrepreneurial Journey
    Laura Benkowski '14
    Over the years, Laura Benkowski’s entrepreneurial spirit has taken her all over the world, even to the site of a closed gem mine in Arizona. “The gem mine was shut down in 2012 and contains a turquoise known as Sleeping Beauty turquoise that is very rare and highly sought,” says Benkowski ’11, MBA ’14.
  • Ansa Edim
    Advocating for Others from a Global Perspective
    Ansa Edim '16
    Intercultural empathy is the ability to perceive the world as it is perceived by a culture different from your own. For Ansa Edim, MBA '16, vice president and staff board chair at, a global mindset is just that. “A global mindset means having an understanding of a shared narrative around the world so that we have an understanding of the struggles of other people and empathy.
  • Ja’Nel Edens
    Changing Perceptions in the Global Economy
    Ja’Nel Edens '18
    Perception is how we view, understand, and interpret the things around us. For international trade specialist, Ja’Nel Edens, MBA ’18, a global mindset starts with changing your perception and thinking of yourself not just as a citizen of your nation, but as a global citizen. She states, “We must recognize that we are all interconnected in some way.
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