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You remember the feeling. Singing the Maryland fight song in the stands. Rushing to class across McKeldin Mall. Rubbing Testudo’s nose for luck. You’re a Terp. Passionate. Curious. Inspired. And always ready to take the next bold step. Your alumni association is here to help you stay fearless: connecting you with fellow alumni, preparing you for new opportunities and engaging you with unforgettable events.

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Alumni Reunions

Smith graduates from the classes of 2019, 2015, 2010, 2005, 2000, 1995, 1990, 1985, 1980, 1975 and 1970, get ready to celebrate your reunion milestone! Mark your calendar to join us in College Park to reminisce and reconnect with your classmates.

More information about Smith reunions will be coming soon. Please make sure your email address and contact information are up to date!

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  • Different Markets Mean Different Planning
    Julia Barge '12
    At Hilti actively seeking out opportunities to leverage different cultures and geographies is an important part of being inclusive in the workplace, according to Julia Barge an undergrad alum of Smith. In order to take full advantage of these opportunities one must have a global mindset and be adaptable. “Adaptability is absolutely important and is key to success in today’s global market.
  • Adaptability at the World's Most Penetrated Brand
    Michael Marcus '11
    Global mindset is a point of view that embraces diversity. For associate Brand Manager, Michael Marcus a global mindset can be defined using three different viewpoints: business, operations, and people. From a business point of view, Marcus says “it’s about understanding your mission, your products, and your campaign and how they are developed and positioned holistically and globally; and then how they’re adapted and applied regionally to be culturally relevant to the people there”.
  • Partners Thrive 7,000 Miles Apart
    S. Alemayehu & F. Biratu  
    Seble Alemayehu, PTMBA ’12, and Felekech “Fei” Biratu, PTMBA ’13, started as high school friends. After a similar journey through life, a move around the globe and MBA degrees from the University of Maryland’s Robert H.