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Modernize your data skill set to be more effective in your current role, and advance in your career.


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In-person program in College Park for experienced professionals Fully online MBA program with in-person opening/closing residencies Fully online Masters of Science program In-person core at one of 3 campuses with flexible electives
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Fast-Track Your Career with Analytics

The Maryland Smith Online Business Analytics program introduces you to the tools and techniques you’ll need to leverage big data for forecasting, prediction and managerial decision making. You’ll learn how to develop robust models, create data-backed business strategies and effectively communicate them with visualization tools. Smith is committed to "democratizing analytics" -- making these skills accessible and attainable for students from any academic background.

Online program to fit into your schedule

Online program to fit into your schedule

You’ll get the flexibility of an online program, with the same great teaching and supportive culture as our on-campus programs.


Finish your degree program in as few as 20 months

Finish your degree program in as few as 20 months

Start at the beginning of spring semester or at the beginning of fall semester, whatever works best for you.


30 credits combining live and asynchronous coursework

30 credits combining live and asynchronous coursework

Live sessions in addition to asynchronous coursework allow you to engage real-time with your cohort and faculty, building your network.



Get a foundation, build advanced skills, and then utilize electives to focus on what matters for your career.

Smith’s expert faculty will guide you through a curriculum carefully designed to build your quantitative modeling and data analysis skills. These highly desirable skills will set you apart in an increasingly competitive job market.


Smith offers tracks in healthcare, marketing and finance to give you tools that are relevant to your career. Customize your program with courses in healthcare operations management, health informatics, advanced marketing analytics, financial analytics and other application courses.

Nikolh Nemard

“The program taught me how to ask the right questions, questions that I didn’t even know were possible. It opened my eyes to new ways to analyze and clean data, and to new tools and software that were available to me. Before this program, I didn’t know what I didn’t know.”

— Nikolh Nemard, MSBA ’20
Senior Data Analyst, Aledade

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Language and Tools

Solver and CPLEX
Google Analytics

Cloud Computing

Amazon Web Services



Machine Learning
Math Programming and Optimization
Monte-Carlo Simulation
Text Analytics

Business Imperatives

Amazon Web Services

Who is right for this program?

Who is right for this program?

Problem-solvers from any discipline or academic background can be successful in the Online MSBA program. The program attracts working professionals and recent college graduates from diverse academic backgrounds who are seeking to strengthen their quantitative abilities and want to help companies fuel growth and change through data.

Analytics Bridge Program

No coding experience? No problem.

Been out of school for a few years? Can’t remember what a derivative is? The Analytics Bridge program is designed for you. Mini courses and workshops get you up to speed in math, statistics, coding and key technology skills, to help you transition back to school and begin the program with confidence.

Quant Catch-up

Quant Catch-up

Calculus mini-course
Statistics mini-course

Programming Catch-up

Programming Catch-up

R skill building workshops
Python skill building workshops
SQL skill building workshops

General Skills

General Skills

Problem-solving strategies

Jason Fowler

“At first it felt like I was learning from a firehose, grappling with all these concepts and terms I had never heard before. My saving grace was really the faculty, because every time I got tripped up or lost my way someone would be just an email or zoom meeting away.”

— Jason Fowler, MSBA ’21 (expected)
Coordinator for departmental event advising, UMBC

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Expert Faculty

Learn from some of the best faculty in the world.

Maryland Smith’s amazing faculty are passionate about research, teaching and mentorship. Their commitment to creating a vibrant, intellectual community where you’ll be challenged to learn and grow is unmatched. Your teachers will be supportive, accessible and dedicated to creating a learning environment where students can succeed. They will be part of your network for life.

Designed and built statistical and optimization solutions for supply chain management, retail planning, airline operations, logistics, and pricing and revenue management.

Helped Fortune 500 companies deliver practical algorithmic solutions that demonstrate measurable customer value.

Suresh Acharya

Winner of Krowe Teaching Award and 12 annual teaching awards.

Recipient of numerous accolades, including the Paul D. Converse Marketing Award, the Robert J. Lavidge Global Marketing Research Award and the Buck Weaver Award, and is among the top 2% of the most-cited scholars and scientists worldwide.

Expert in consumer science and behavior using statistical and econometric methods and marketing decision making.

Michel Wedel

Expert in statistics and quantitative methods for business decision-making.

Member, Data, Analytics and Statistics Instruction group from the Decision Science Institute.

Member, Consortium for the Advancement of Undergraduate Statistics Education.

Gisela Bardossy

Career Support

Maryland Smith’s Office of Career Services (OCS) can help you bridge the gap between your current role and your dream job.

You’ll have one-on-one access to a career coach who will provide you with personalized tips on how to articulate your strengths when interacting with employers.

Maryland Smith OCS Services Include:

  • Online career webinars
  • External job search strategy
  • Internal promotion strategy
  • Networking preparation
  • Mock interviews
  • Coaching


Management Analyst

Management Analyst

Operations Research Analyst

Operations Research Analyst

Medical and Health Service Manager

Medical and Health Service Manager

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics and Burning Glass Technologies: Labor Insight

Dan Waldman

“The OMSBA opened new paths and taught me the fundamental skills I needed for the workforce. I interviewed with incredibly competitive companies that would have been out of reach previously. This program has been extremely beneficial for my career — it’s been everything I wanted.”

— Dan Waldman, MSBA ’21
eCommerce Analyst, Chewy

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Get the Maryland Advantage

The Maryland Advantage program can make it easier for applicants who have completed their undergraduate and/or graduate degree in the United States to transition into the business master’s program by helping them save money on tuition, skip graduate entrance exams and get personalized career counseling before starting their program.

Learn More about Maryland Advantage

GMAT/GRE Waivers Are Available

Waivers are available for students who meet certain requirements for previous coursework or have commensurate professional experience. Connect with the Office of Admissions to see if you are eligible for a test waiver.

Emilia Cruz

“I loved moving through all of the core courses with my cohort. We had group chats to support each other. Some of my classmates didn’t have a background in anything data-related, so we’d point them to resources and answer their questions. It was always so easy to have a conversation and work through things virtually”

— Emilia Cruz, MSBA ’20
Management Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton

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We welcome ambitious, highly motivated professionals who seek a rigorous academic program taught by our world-renowned faculty in a supportive environment. Applicants are accepted on a rolling basis with two start dates, January and August.

Important Dates

Application Deadline: July 26, 2021
Start Date: September 6, 2021

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