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The guiding principle for the Ed Snider Center is that social progress is born of free and creative individuals who, driven by self-motivation, passion, and a positive approach to trading value for value, make the world a better place. The center’s mission is to connect this vision with a purpose: to create world-class inter-disciplinary research for an understanding of institutions promoting enterprise, and to reach beyond academic walls through teaching and engagement to make scholarly research relevant for students, business practitioners, and the public.

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Programs & Curricula

Programs & Curricula

We at the Ed Snider Center for Enterprise and Markets engage with UMD students, researchers, business leaders, and high school students and teachers with our varied programs that explore the fundamental role that innovative and entrepreneurial mindsets play in the evolution of enterprise and markets. Our curricula help students of all ages understand their individual role in markets and lead intentional lives and careers of their own design. Learn more about our programs and curricula.

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Ed Snider Center research explores the roles individuals, organizations, and systems play in creating an environment that supports enterprise and well-functioning markets. Through our affiliated researchers, we are able to utilize academic excellence from across the University of Maryland and beyond. Learn more about our research.

Events & Outreach

Events & Outreach

At the Ed Snider Center for Enterprise and Markets, we connect with a community of current and future thought leaders - students, alumni, business leaders, academics, and researchers. Through our campus speaking events and debates, podcasts, online publications, and webinars, we seek to foster discussions on big topic issues that illuminate the roles of individuals, businesses, and social institutions in enterprise and markets. Our outreach shares the principles of free markets and their role in the proliferation of a broadly shared prosperity with a wide audience.

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