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Our Faculty is Top-Ranked and it Shows

Maryland Smith’s faculty are passionate about creating new knowledge and sharing it with students. They regularly serve as consultants for large financial institutions, multinational corporations and government agencies. And in the classroom, they’ll share those same techniques they use to help corporate clients implement their own data-driven decision making.

Academic Departments

Smith’s faculty are regularly ranked among the best in the world, producing research that is published in top journals and cited by top scholars. They are committed to creating a vibrant intellectual community in which future business leaders are challenged to learn and grow.

Centers of Excellence

At Maryland Smith we have created a cluster of Centers of Excellence that serve as the intersection of scholarship and the marketplace, putting breakthrough research at the service of students and companies. Each of our centers immerses our students in complex and evolving marketplaces in which success depends on critical thinking, creativity and entrepreneurship. 

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Smith Digital First Network

Elevate your business' digital strategy through Smith's home for executive collaboration. Our talented faculty will work with you to develop an actionable plan focused on our comprehensive three-pronged approach — education, research and community.

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Faculty Directory

Find your professor - or any Smith School employee - in the Faculty Directory.

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Smith Brain Trust

Professors offer insights on hot business topics in Smith Brain Trust, a weekly newsletter that focuses on current events and practical tips for busy working professionals.

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Research at Smith

Smith School faculty members produce research published in top journals and cited by top scholars. Research at Smith highlights the best of this work, focusing on papers published in the 50 business journals used in the Financial Times Research Rank.

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24 Smith Faculty among Top 2% of Most-Cited Researchers Globally

Online Papers

The Social Science Research Network (SSRN) is devoted to the rapid worldwide dissemination of social science research and is composed of a number of specialized research networks in each of the social sciences. This collection contains working papers submitted to the Robert H. Smith School of Business Research Paper Series at the Social Sciences Research Network. You can now download some of the cutting edge research of Smith faculty.

Browse all current Smith working papers or search by subject:

The Smith School's E-Working Paper Repository is now SSRN. Working papers are submitted for inclusion in the Smith School of Business Research Paper Series Journal from SSRN. Part of the service provided by SSRN is our own "E-Journal." This is a periodic e-mail that contains the titles, authors, abstracts and links for the most recently released working papers.

SSRN registration

Go to www.ssrn.com and on the top left-hand frame: click on Free Registration and then follow the instructions by providing Name and E-mail Address.

Registering for Smith School Series

Once you have registered go to the SSRN site www.ssrn.com and on the left-hand column of the screen: click on the Management Research Network.

Within the left hand column, immediately below Management Research Network some choices will appear: Click on Research Paper Series

On the main part of the screen: find Robert H. Smith School of Business Research Paper Series and click on Subscribe

Then follow the instructions for registering

Please send an e-mail to a href="mailto:vinesh@umd.edu">vinesh@umd.edu if you need any help with registration or the e-working paper submission process.

These are instructions for working paper and accepted paper submission for Smith School faculty and researchers. Inclusion of your research in this series allows for broad dissemination as well as the ability for your work to be easily accessed and referenced. Further, this series enhances the research visibility of our school by collecting our research in a common pool. 

The Smith School adopted the SSRN system as its official working paper repository. We encourage all faculty and PhD students to submit their working papers to this series. Inclusion of your research in this series allows for broad dissemination as well as the ability for your work to be easily accessed and referenced. Further, this series enhances the research visibility of our school by collecting our research in a common pool.

Please e-mail your research paper to ssrn@rhsmith.umd.edu preferably in PDF format along with the following mandatory information:

  1. The departments and/or centers in whose series your paper should be included (possible choices: Accounting, D&IT, Finance, LBPP, M&O; CEME, CHIDS, Dingman, HCIT; note -- you may choose more than one).
  2. A list of keywords.
  3. Authors: names and e-mail addresses – if these are not included on cover page of paper.
  4. Please confirm that the authors hold the copyright for this submission to SSRN.
  5. Indicate if this is an accepted paper and give the date of paper if a date is not given on the manuscript.

If the paper you would like to include is already on the SSRN site, but is not listed under Robert H. Smith series, please let us know and we will add it to the series. If you are already uploading papers to the SSRN site, you can continue to do so and just inform us whenever you have added a new paper so that we can include the paper in the Smith School Series.

If you have an old paper not on SSRN but on DRUM or Smith Papers Online, please e-mail us the link answering the five questions above and we will post it on SSRN Web site.

A cover page for each working paper will be created and will list all series in which the paper appears. Only one version of the paper would be posted on the SSRN site.

For any questions or comments please contact vinesh@umd.edu.

Krowe and Legg Mason Awards

Each May, the Smith School recognizes a few outstanding faculty members for their efforts in the classroom by awarding them either the Krowe or Legg Mason award. These few faculty are carefully chosen from nominations we receive from individuals like you: students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of Smith.

The nomination process takes just a few moments — please help us recognize outstanding faculty by nominating your favorite professor today!

The Allen J. Krowe Award for Teaching Excellence recognizes outstanding teaching by our faculty. Great teachers consistently go above and beyond to inspire students and instill learning skills that prepare students for a lifetime of learning. Their teaching leaves an impression and has impact long after the course is completed. These instructors use a variety of methods to keep their courses current and relevant, and have consistently high teaching evaluations.The recipients are chosen based on nominations and teaching evaluations.

To recognize a professor for overall teaching excellence, nominate them for a Krowe Award.

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The Legg Mason Teaching Innovation Award recognizes “exceptional originality, creativity and innovation” in teaching. Recipients have developed and used highly innovative methods that enhance student engagement and learning, and significantly strengthen the decision-making, leadership and communication skills of our students.

To recognize a professor for originality, creativity and innovation, nominate them for a Legg Mason Award.

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