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Planting Deep Roots

Lisa Kidd Hunt ’97

Lisa Kidd Hunt didn’t exactly leave Smith after graduating with her bachelor’s degree in finance. Not in a Matthew Mcconaughey à la “Dazed & Confused” kind of way, but she’s the kind of person who sticks around, cultivating the relationships and roots she’s planted.

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Taking Risks and Finding Professional Success

Neal Shear ’76

Want to know how to climb the corporate ladder? Bet on yourself and take risks early in your career, says Neal Shear ’76.

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Motivating the Next Generation of Women In Tech

Kendall Holbrook, MBA ’01

As an African American woman CEO and working mother – in information technology, an area heavily dominated by men - Holbrook understands the weight of her words. One thing she’s learned is that “companies and clients are really all about people.”

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Student Profile

A Return to Smith to Broaden Horizons

Alejandro Smith ’18, MBA ’23

For Alejandro Smith ’18, MBA ’23, broadening his horizons has always been at the core of his decisions.

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Listening to Fellow Students’ Needs

Ayelette Halbfinger ’23

It was September 2021 and Ayelette Halbfinger ’23, was struggling.

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Torn Between Two Countries at War With Each Other, While Earning a Master’s at Smith

Ksenia Popovich ’23

“I feel like for a human being, it’s really hard to be in the middle.” That’s what Ksenia Popovich says about being a Russian citizen of Ukrainian descent, as a war between the two countries continues.

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Smith Undergrad is Racing to Success on Social Media

Oscar Casasola ’24

Oscar Casasola ’24 is working toward obtaining his finance, marketing and management degrees, but his career as a social media influencer is already off to the races.

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Lifting Others up and Going Viral on Social Media

Ava Cyruli ’22

Ava Cyruli ’22 needed an outlet to fill the void left by stepping away from her dancing career, so she turned to weightlifting. Now, she’s sharing what she’s learned along the way with thousands of people online.

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It Began in High School and Continues at Smith: Changing the Game for Millions of Children

Sara Blau, Class of 2024

I wanted to be at Smith since it’s a hardworking, collaborative environment where all students and faculty are committed to the success of one another.

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Turning Pandemic Related Uncertainty Into a Career Advantage

Alexis Hogarth, MS in Business and Management ’22

The Master of Science in Business and Management program felt like the best foundation for me to gain more business knowledge, while also easing back into talking to people face to face in a professional way again. I would have been too nervous about doing that if I’d chosen to work right after getting my bachelor’s degree.

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