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Ascending to the Top By Harnessing Curiosity and a Passion for Problem-Solving

Ankita Darda, MS in Information Systems ’14

Getting a degree from Smith helped me build a profile for a non-developer role. Several of my classes involved case studies that helped build my problem-solving skills in the context of Information Systems.

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‘30 Under 30’ and Winning at Protecting Patients from Healthcare Claim Waste, Fraud and Abuse

TJ Ademiluyi ’17

In the six years since TJ Ademiluyi earned his bachelor’s in finance at Smith, he’s achieved something it takes some people decades to do — and many never reach it. He co-founded a business that’s become a multi-million dollar company.

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Leading and Learning by Trusting Others, A Career at Morgan Stanley

Allison Lucchese ’08

When Allison Lucchese ’08 began her career at Morgan Stanley over 14 years ago, she put her trust in others to find her way forward. Now in a leadership role, Lucchese is paying it forward and leading others on their journey.

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Succeeding in Data Science With Technical and Business Acumen Learned at Smith

Shweta Kamble, MS in Information Systems ’15

The Smith School focused on giving us a more holistic view of the corporate environment. My classes included business transformation courses, disruption technology, network effects and technical concepts like database management, machine learning, etc. I loved my class on building a digitally transformational app.

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How Kenny Cheung ’05 is Driving Change at Hertz

Kenny Cheung ’05

Not many executives can say they helped a company pivot from Chapter 11 bankruptcy to one of its best earnings years ever in their first two years, but Kenny Cheung ’05 can.

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Undergrad Shares Her One-of-a-Kind UMD Experience

Helen Feng ’24

Being a Maryland Terrapin is something that runs in the family for Helen Feng ’24. But as a business marketing and studio art double major at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business, Feng is making the most of her own experience.

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Zig Zagging A Path to Success in Tech

Meredith LaBonte ’01

“I recently became familiar with some new language in the people and HR space called a zig-zag career.” Meredith LaBonte, Vice President of Corporate Business Solutions at Novant Health Digital Products and Services, thinks she’s a pretty good example of it.

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Leading Digital Transformation as a ‘Velvet Hammer’

Carol Houle ’93

There’s a book entitled “The Velvet Hammer” that describes the moniker of a woman who gets things done and done well by leading with grace and eloquence. Author Elaine Allison says this woman has let go of trying to make what works for her male counterparts work for her. 

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Planting Deep Roots

Lisa Kidd Hunt ’97

Lisa Kidd Hunt didn’t exactly leave Smith after graduating with her bachelor’s degree in finance. Not in a Matthew Mcconaughey à la “Dazed & Confused” kind of way, but she’s the kind of person who sticks around, cultivating the relationships and roots she’s planted.

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Taking Risks and Finding Professional Success

Neal Shear ’76

Want to know how to climb the corporate ladder? Bet on yourself and take risks early in your career, says Neal Shear ’76.

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