International Business Agility Labs

International Business Agility Labs

Develop your business resilience and gain hands-on case experience working with students around the world.


This program is open to Smith school sophomore, junior, and senior undergraduate business majors and business minors, though geared to those majoring in the respective functional area of business. This program is also open to students from Smith international partner institutions.


Fall 2020 and spring 2021.

How to Apply

Registration is closed for fall 2020 IB agility labs. Application links are found below.

As part of the #KeepGlobalSmith campaign, the Center for Global Business announces the new and innovative International Business (IB) Agility Labs. Through these labs, students will gain multiple global perspectives in a fast-paced, intensive, and hands-on competition while working on a real global business issue.

The IB Agility Labs are short-term virtual case challenges that allow undergraduate students to learn from global business leaders, collaborate with international peers, and focus on business resilience. During these 4-5 day experiences, students will benefit from exposure to an international company, work on teams with business students around the world, and gain hands-on case experience to build their resumes and CVs. These labs are offered at no cost to students.

Each IB Agility Lab will feature:

  • Students placed on mixed multinational teams
  • Introduction to doing business in the country of focus
  • Virtual student mixer
  • Optional virtual cultural activity
  • Live case from an international company

Each IB Agility Lab will focus on a functional area of business and will feature a live case from a company based outside the U.S.

Six IB Agility Labs

  1. Marketing

    Application closed.

    Country Focus: Lisbon, Portugal
    Orientation: October 23
    Competition: October 28-31


    In partnership with the University of Maryland Chapter of the American Marketing Association.

  2. Accounting

    Application closed.

    Country Focus: Singapore
    Orientation: November 6
    Competition: November 11-14


    In partnership with the Association of Latino Professionals in Finance & Accounting (ALPFA), Ascend at UMD, and the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA).

  3. Analytics and Information Systems

    Application closed.

    Country Focus: Bangalore, India
    Orientation: November 13
    Competition: November 18-21


    In partnership with the Business Information Technology Society (BITS).

  4. Finance

    Application closed. 

    Country Focus: Tel Aviv, Israel
    Orientation: February 19
    Competition: February 24-27


    In partnership with the Smith Finance Group.

  5. Entrepreneurship

    Application closed.

    Country Focus: Germany
    Orientation: April 2
    Competition: April 7-10


    In partnership with the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship.

  6. Supply Chain Management

    Application closed.

    Country Focus: São Paulo, Brazil
    Orientation: April 9
    Competition: April 14-17


    In partnership with the Supply Chain Management Society.

About the Case

The live case for each lab will be from a company based outside of the U.S. and the topic will vary depending on the functional area of business. Students will hear directly from business leaders about the business problem before presenting their analysis and recommendations to the company and panel of judges.

Agility Labs Format

The IB Agility Labs are designed with today’s global business professionals in mind, emphasizing the ability to overcome challenges and be resourceful when faced with difficult situations. Participants will need to work effectively across borders in these fast-paced global business challenges.

Each IB Agility Lab will be completely virtual and will include synchronous and asynchronous sessions. Round one of the competition will be a recorded presentation submission and round two of the competition (final round) will be live. The timing of each lab will vary based on the time zones of the company and the participants. All students will be expected to adapt to working across time zones, as this is the reality of doing business across borders.

Example of International Business Agility Lab Schedule

4-5 days prior to lab
  • Overview of rules and schedule
  • Economic overview of the country
  • Student networking and meet your teammates
  • Teams receive case
Day 1
  • Welcome ceremony
  • Presentation of company and case
Day 2
  • Round 1: Submit recorded presentation
  • Optional cultural activity
  • Finalists announced
Day 3
  • Round 2: Live final presentations
  • Winner announced

Please note that this schedule is only an example. The final lab schedule will be announced directly to participants and is subject to change.

Information for International Partners

The Robert H. Smith School of Business is proud to partner with esteemed business schools around the world. If you are from a Global Business School Network (GBSN) member school or a Maryland Smith international exchange partner and would like more information about the International Business Agility Labs please email Greg Rafal, assistant director of CGB, at



This event is sponsored in part by CIBE, a Title VI grant from the U.S. Department of Education. 

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