Programs & Initiatives

Undergraduate Programming

Broadening your global mindset isn’t limited to study abroad programs. The Smith School offers an abundant amount of opportunities to get involved in global learning while on campus – from internationally-focused classes to student clubs and speaker series. Join us, and get involved!


Graduate Programming

The Smith School’s graduate international opportunities offer students the opportunity to earn academic credit for courses that include an international travel component. These programs seek to imbue students with a global mindset and global business savvy so they are well-positioned for leadership roles in an increasingly interconnected world.


Alumni & Industry Professionals

The Center for Global Business is home to one of 15 CIBEs, a Title VI grant provided by the U.S. Department of Education, across the country. As a recipient of the grant, we serve as a national resource center to organize and offer specific programs and activities to build international knowledge and skills and provide foreign language opportunities to industry professionals in the region and our alumni.

Opportunities that are offered include the Export Management Bootcamp, Business Language Award for Alumni, the Global Export Consulting Program, and accessibility to resources on exporting.


Faculty Development

A pillar of CIBE is to support faculty and collaborate with other educational institutions through faculty development programs in international business. Faculty development programs further strengthen international course offerings and infuse global content in business courses.

Smith CIBE supports both Smith and non-Smith faculty participation in FDIBs offered by Smith and other CIBE's as well as other faculty development initiatives. Smith CIBE believes that this opportunity broadens the reach faculty have in understanding global business, ultimately increasing U.S. competitiveness.


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