Dean’s Student Advisory Council


The bold experiment which gave birth to America was founded on the bedrock principle of representative government. At Shady Grove, the Dean’s Student Advisory Council (DSAC) embodies this essential role by serving as the voice of the student body. 


DSAC remains integral to the smooth operation of club activities, student-led events, and campus workshops. Thanks in part to its efforts, the Smith School holds a coveted spot on the 2024 U.S. News & World Report Rankings – 11th best public business school in the nation.


On a continual basis, DSAC meets with faculty, alumni, and corporate interest to hone the Shady Grove experience. Acting on behalf of others, student officers assume the role of public servants, not for notoriety, but to ensure that the Smith School achieves excellence.


By design, the members of DSAC are granted ample opportunities to lead. Innovation and real-time experimentation are encouraged through the implementation of new projects and school-wide initiatives. Every proposal is then presented and vetted by Smith administrators.  


Since its inception, DSAC has forged new insights in terms of academics, engagement, and community at Shady Grove. The guidance provided by this indispensable organization has enabled students to thrive while on campus and in subsequent life.


Current Council Members

  • Ashlynn Battle
  • Andrew Campbell
  • Rorie Elinoir Campbell
  • Raquel Coreas
  • Taylor Gerrety
  • Christian Orihuela

USG Administrators 

  • Hank Boyd, Assistant Dean for Civic Engagement
  • Luke Glasgow, Director, Smith Undergraduate Programs at Shady Grove
  • Aki Noguchi Giron, Assistant Director, Smith Undergraduate Programs at Shady Grove


  • Phrank Aidoo
  • Bryan Argueta
  • Anna Cho
  • Daniel Cruz
  • Paola Culling
  • Daniel Kaviani
  • Juliette Khoury
  • Moises Reyes
  • Dillon Riggin


  • Cinthia Martinez Lopez 
  • Jenifer Nayely Ramirez-Tabraj
  • Hanna Munoz


  • Oscar Quispe
  • Danny Rivas
  • Kevin Galdamez
  • Jasmin Cervantes
  • Ed-love Aidoo


  • Karah Claver
  • Nicholas Larson
  • Karla Villacis
  • Edwin Benitez


  • Meir Punzalan
  • Stephania Valencia
  • Tiago Alves
  • Keity Barrios-Beltran


  • Ashton Trevino
  • Audrey Awasom
  • Jaclyn Connell
  • Audrey Huwae
  • Ernie Gomez
  • Nicole Cheng
  • Yiannis Hristopoulos


  • Ashlea Hiltner
  • Dewan Kazmi
  • Dulguun Batamgalan
  • Erick Schrock
  • Kelly Carter
  • Mohammad Gir
  • Nicole Cheng
  • Ronald Togas
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