Degree Requirements

At the Smith School of Business, a minimum of 120 credit hours are required to complete a Bachelor of Science degree. Besides the specific Smith School of Business requirements listed below, a student must complete the University's general education requirements and sufficient lower and upper-level elective credit to accumulate a total of 120 credit hours. A minimum of 58 credit hours (beginning Spring 2014) of the required 120 hours must be in 300-400 (upper) level courses. Additional Smith School of Business degree requirements are listed below.

If you are pursuing your degree at College Park, please download complete degree outlines specific to a student's desired major. If you are pursuing your degree at Shady Grove, visit this web page, for more details.

MATH 120 or 140 - Elem. Calculus I or Calculus I
(MATH130 Calculus I for the Life Sciences or MATH136 Calculus for Life Sciences is an acceptable substitute if students completed MATH130/MATH136 as a part of work toward a previous major, as well a those who were working toward that major in Letters & Sciences)
BMGT 1101 - Introduction to the Business Value Chain (Effective Fall 2011) 3
BMGT 220 & 221 - Principles of Accounting I & II 6
BMGT 2302 or 2313 - Business Statistics 3
ECON 2004 & 201 - Principles of Micro & Macro Economics 6
COMM 1005, 1075 or 2005 - Foundations of Speech Communications, Speech Communication, or Critical Thinking and Speaking 3
Total 24-25

1BMGT110 provides a useful introduction to business as an academic program and exposes students to potential career opportunities. As a result, this course best serves students early in their college careers. However, this particular course is redundant for students who have already begun their upper-level BMGT coursework and thus, have already received more in-depth exposure to business functions. Therefore, this course is only required for students who enter the Smith School of Business as freshmen. Students who transfer to the Smith School and have not completed BMGT110 will not be required to complete this course for graduation.
2 The following courses are approved substitutes for BMGT230: BIOM301, CCJS200, ECON230, ECON321, EDMS451, EPIB300, EPIB315, GEOG306, HLTH300, INST314, PSYC200, and SOCY201.
3 The following courses are approved substitutes for BMGT231: BIOE372, ENCE302, ENEE324, ENME392, STAT400 or STAT420.
4 Both AREC240 & AREC250 are approved substitutes for ECON200.
5 Any UMD course that fulfills the University's Oral Communication General Education requirement will also satisfy the Smith School's public speaking requirement.


BMGT 301 - Introduction to Information Systems 3
BMGT 340 - Business Finance 3
BMGT 350 - Marketing Principles and Organization 3
BMGT 364 - Managing People and Organizations 3
BMGT 367 - Career Search Strategies in Business 1
BMGT 380 - Business Law I 3
BMGT 495 - Strategic Management 3
Total 19


Major Requirements (course requirements specific to major) 18-24
Upper-Level Economics Requirements (options depend on major) 0-3
Total 18-27


"C-" or higher in all courses required by the Smith School of Business. (Effective Fall 2012)
Overall combined 2.000 GPA in Smith required courses. (Effective Fall 2012)
50% of the required BMGT credit hours must be completed at the University of Maryland, College Park
45 credit hours required in BMGT coursework
58 credit hours required in upper-Level courses (effective Spring 2014)
Final 30 credit hours of degree earned at the University of Maryland, College Park
Minimum cumulative 2.000 grade point average
Minimum of 60 credit hours earned at a 4-year school
120 total credit hours
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