Maryland Business Adapts

Maryland Business AdaptsThe Center for Global Business actively supports Maryland companies that compete in international markets through capacity building workshops, programs that connect companies with student talent, and thought leadership events.

Seeking Nominations

This initiative recognizes the resilience of Maryland industry in overcoming the challenges presented by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Through this initiative, the Center will showcase industry stories in case studies written for both student and peer industry audiences and honor their success at the second annual Maryland Adapts Business Roundtable event in spring 2022.

Maryland Business Adapts 21/22

The Maryland Business Adapts 21/22 initiative seeks to celebrate the adjustments during the ongoing pandemic of Maryland SMEs in international business, while providing insights for topics like minimizing business risk of their global operations or preparation for sudden operational changes.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic offers a wealth of information that can be leveraged to identify lessons learned and best practices for SMEs operating in a disrupted global business environment. More specifically, a study of local SME adaptation and resilience in international markets, i.e., how companies adapt strategically or tactically (whether intentionally or by default) to cope with the ongoing impact of the pandemic can help all SMEs adopt successful strategies to overcome pandemic-related obstacles. Maryland Business Adapts seeks to extrapolate answers to questions such as what steps and in what sequence management took actions to minimize global business risk (be it in finance, production, supply chain, management or marketing), how companies diverted or redirected resources, whether and how they took advantage of new global opportunities, how they reached new customers abroad or maintained global customer relationships, etc. for the benefit of all in the business community.

What’s Involved

Participating companies will dedicate approximately four hours to sharing their insights and details of their experience with Center staff and provide final sign-off on the written cases. Participants will be honored during the spring 2022 Maryland Adapts Business Roundtable event in spring 2022 and invited to be featured speakers.

Nominations are being accepted through November 19, 2021. Companies may self-nominate and individuals and/or companies may nominate companies other than their own. Individuals and/or companies submitting nominations for other companies may be contacted for further information.

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Contact for Questions

Rebecca Bellinger, Executive Director at

Event Highlights of Maryland Business Adapts 20/21

This initiative is sponsored in part by CIBE, a Title VI grant administered by the U.S. Department of Education.

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