• Driving Growth in Latin America
    Dan Freiman '94 & '04
    Business conditions change over time and across regions, but finance professional Dan Freiman '94, MBA '04, says one thing remains constant. "Building relationships is key, as is going in with understanding and respect," he says. "That goes a long way and is a constant process."
  • Digital Strategist Shines at OgilvyRED
    Rishi Kadiwar '05 & '10
    A multimillion-dollar social media campaign on two of China's most popular platforms requires careful planning and vision. Digital Strategist Rishi Kadiwar, '05, MBA '10, says success also requires global mindset — especially when team members work in multiple countries and speak numerous languages.
  • Marketer Finds Her Niche in Germany
    Elaine Oves '15
    Some people wait until they travel abroad before they worry about developing a global mindset. But Elaine Oves '15, a digital marketing associate with Interal in Berlin, says the process starts at home. "You don't have to travel extensively," she says. "You just have to step outside your comfort zone and interact with people not like yourself. The more you do it, the better you get at it."