• Googler Goes Off the Beaten Path
    Arhaan Saksena '15
    What separates the top performers from everyone else? According to Googler and Maryland Smith graduate Arhaan Saksena, MS '15, it's a focus on the big picture. "Always ask yourself, what is the larger problem that you're trying to solve?" he says. "It's crucial to define the overarching goal first, and work smartly to resolve the issue." Otherwise, he says, you will end up spending time and resources on tasks that may not be aligned with the actual problem.
  • From Tennis Pro to Accounting Pro
    Katya Tour ’17 & ’18
    Deloitte tax consultant Ekaterina “Katya” Tour ’17, MS ’18, made the most of a four-year tennis scholarship at the University of Maryland.
  • Axios Co-founder on a Winning Streak
    Roy Schwartz '98 & '01
    Creating a profitable news business is difficult. Roy Schwartz ’98, MBA ’01, and his partners have done it twice. Schwartz joined Politico in 2008 during the publication’s early days and helped the journalism company expand in Washington, D.C. Then in 2016, he and two associates left Politico and started Axios.