• Therapy Dog Program Aids Healing
    Sherri Locke '82
    If Maryland Smith had a master's program for selling, Sherri Locke, MBA '82, could be a professor. After completing her undergraduate degree in French literature at New York University and spending time in Europe, Locke enrolled at the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business because she was looking for something different in life.
  • Googler Goes Off the Beaten Path
    Arhaan Saksena '15
    What separates the top performers from everyone else? According to Googler and Maryland Smith graduate Arhaan Saksena, MS '15, it's a focus on the big picture. "Always ask yourself, what is the larger problem that you're trying to solve?" he says. "It's crucial to define the overarching goal first, and work smartly to resolve the issue." Otherwise, he says, you will end up spending time and resources on tasks that may not be aligned with the actual problem.
  • History Meets Augmented Reality
    Michael Dobslaw '01
    Pokémon Go allows gamers to collect virtual creatures in the real world. Now Smith School entrepreneur Michael Dobslaw ’01 has an augmented reality app that lets people experience history the same way.