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10 Favorite Business Classes at UMD-Smith

Sep 23, 2014
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Students at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business take dozens of courses in business, but there is usually ‘that one class’ that stands out as a game changer, making a profound and lasting impact. We asked our students and alumni via Facebook to tell us about their favorite courses at Smith. Here are their top 10 courses:

1. Forensic Accounting/Fraud

Aditya Yerramilli ’09 says Forensic Accounting/Fraud from Sandra Rose: “Set me up for my entire professional career.”

2. Marketing for Social Value

Eric Choi, MBA ’12, says Marketing for Social Value with Rebecca Ratner was the best professional experience he had at Smith: “The major project for this class was to work on a client pitch for Ogilvy and Mather in DC. We were to pitch a marketing strategy to the IRS for increasing online filing for businesses. It was an amazing experience to learn both from Professor Ratner as well as the marketing professionals at Ogilvy and my team was lucky enough to get chosen to present our ideas directly to the team at Ogilvy, as well as the team at the IRS. There is no better and real opportunity than to create a deck that I knew an actual client would see as well as present it to them.”

3. Game Theory

Two students picked S. Lele’s Game Theory class as their favorite.

Sachin Agarwal, MBA ’07, says he enjoyed this class because: “Dr. Lele's relaxed and quirky sense of humor, his respect for the subject and the students, and his ability to show us how to make connections with real life situations.”

Helina Haileselassie, MBA ’04, says: “This class challenged me to look at most of the things I do differently.”

4. Finance

Allison Davern, MBA ’16, says this about Finance with Michael Faulkender: “Coming from a liberal arts undergraduate program and career in public relations, I had not had much exposure to corporate finance. This class has been incredibly interesting and has provided me with greater insights and confidence that is directly applicable to my other Smith School core classes.”

5. Executive Power & Negotiations

Two MBA students picked Executive Power and Negotiations with Joyce Russell as their favorite class.

Corrinne Hobbs, MBA ’09, says: “Dr. Russell a dynamic teacher and I still use the skills learned in the class today. As an MBA woman looking to advance my career, I often think back to the lessons learned here: (1) always know your BATNA, (2) don't be afraid to ask for what you want (your male colleagues do), and (3) don't unnecessarily apologize or justify explanations for not getting promotions or higher pay because you are a woman.”

Robert Franklin, MBA ’10, says: “This class, more than any other, gave me the most competitive advantage over my peers in my first post-MBA job. Dr. Russell was very engaging, gave us a great set of negotiating tools and then afforded us many opportunities to practice different techniques as we honed and perfected our own negotiating styles. Post-MBA careers involve negotiation – even my job in the Navy. All of us negotiate, whether we realize it or not. Her pre-negotiation worksheet is how I prepare for difficult conversations in my job. Thanks to her class and coaching I am better prepared than my non-MBA peers to engage and negotiate difficult subjects and reach more optimal outcomes. Thanks Dr. Russell!”

6. Marketing Management

Patrick Gillece, MBA ’15, says Marketing Management with David Godes was his favorite class: “Prof. Godes has a unique talent for leading case discussions. During his classes, I always felt completely engaged in the course content and intellectually challenged at the same time. The course gave me an entirely new perspective on what really goes into marketing decisions.”

7. Introduction to Information Systems

Introduction to Information Systems was the favorite class of current graduate student Julie Hong ’11 : “Prof. Brian Butler made this class engaging, taught his students a lot and knew how to deliver the information in a way that we could make useful throughout our college career and professional career.”

8. Applied Equity Analysis and Portfolio Management

Current student Kyle says this about his favorite class Applied Equity Analysis and Portfolio Management with Joe Perfetti: “I learned investing skills that I could apply immediately to my own small portfolio.”

9. Corporate Venturing

Tien-Seng Chiu, EMBA ’10, picked Corporate Venturing with Oliver Schlake as his favorite class: “Prof. Schlake is a great professor with a clear ‘this is not only what to do, but how to do’ attitude and aptitude.”

10. Introduction to Logistics

Allison Brown ’07 says her favorite class was Introduction to Logistics with Jeff Miller:I was a marketing major and took Intro to Logistics as an elective. However, after this course, I realized logistics was the right direction for me. I ended up double majoring in marketing and logistics, and currently work at UPS in the Industrial Engineering Department. Best decision I ever made, and thank you Prof. Miller for teaching such an awesome course!”

What was your favorite class at Smith? Let us know in the comment section below.

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