The Secret to Accomplishing Big Goals

A study co-authored by Aneesh Rai, assistant professor of management and organization at the Smith School, suggests breaking large career goals into smaller tasks boosts long-term commitment and performance.

Study Examines Gender Disparity in Science Research Funding

Women now hold 55% of U.S. life-science doctorates, up from 32-38% in the mid-1980s. However, junior women face funding and tenure disparities compared to men and senior women, hindering the full benefits of gender diversity in science.

Smith’s New Coil Initiative Is Bringing Global Experiential Learning Into the Classroom

Smith COIL Faculty Fellows, funded by federal grants, innovates business education by connecting University of Maryland students with peers abroad through COIL. Led by Rebecca Bellinger, this initiative pioneers collaborative online learning for global business courses, shaping the future of education.

Discover your unique leadership style in this virtual course, led by Smith professor and management expert Nicole Coomber. Learn how different leadership styles can enhance your team dynamics and work culture. Ideal for undergraduate students and working professionals who are considering an MBA or master's degree in management studies.




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Chinese University Patent Bubbles Evident and Problematic, Including to National Innovation Strategy, Study Shows

Chinese universities are booming in terms of patent activity, but a study reveals a troubling issue: 'patent bubbles.' Waverly Ding's research exposes this trend, questioning China's innovation strategy. Explore the implications of this trend for China's innovation landscape.

21 Smith School Professors Named Among Top 2% Scholars Worldwide

The University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business faculty shapes future leaders in classrooms and drives global impact through groundbreaking research. Recently, 21 professors were ranked among the top 2% most-cited scholars worldwide by Elsevier. Explore their influential contributions elevating knowledge and inspiring the next generation of business leaders.

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