Global Alumni Stories

Smith School alumni utilize their global mindset on a daily basis while doing business abroad or while working with multi-national companies. Learn how the alumni below utilized global business savvy to reach their current career positions.

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Kevin Tanzola
Thinking Outside the Box to Create a Global Mindset
Kevin Tanzola ’08
Developing a global mindset may require changing one’s way of thinking. For co-founder of Tanzola International LLC, Kevin Tanzola, a global mindset is thinking outside the box and being comfortable with differing opinions, which he admits is not as easy as it sounds.
Alejandro Prada
Learning to Appreciate the Commonalities As Well As the Differences
Alejandro Prada '18
As the business world is growing more global, recognizing cultural differences and values is an ever-important skill.
Mikael Baker
Developing a Global Mindset as a Requirement to Work Effectively
Mikael Baker '12
Working in international markets means seeking opportunities outside of familiar markets, and that requires engaging with people from different regions and cultures. For Mikael Baker, senior information and communications technology (ICT) advisor at the U.S.
Alumna Confronts Economic Disparity
Margo Thomas ’91
After a career spanning more than two decades leading development initiatives, Margo Thomas, MS ’91, has only one goal on her mind – conquering economic gender disparity around the world. 
Rachel Yamrus
Growing through Open-Mindedness
Rachel Yamrus '06
Working for a global company requires growth and an openness to learn. For Rachel Yamrus, vice president at JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Vandy Gyandhar
Building a Relationship of Equals
Vandana “Vandy” Gyandhar '01
For Amazon Web Services (AWS) global program manager, Vandy Gyandhar, a global mindset is more than traveling around the world or working for an international company. It is about being able to build relationships of understanding and respect no matter where you are in the world.
Ansa Edim
Advocating for Others from a Global Perspective
Ansa Edim '16
Intercultural empathy is the ability to perceive the world as it is perceived by a culture different from your own. For Ansa Edim, MBA '16, vice president and staff board chair at, a global mindset is just that.
Ja’Nel Edens
Changing Perceptions in the Global Economy
Ja’Nel Edens '18
Perception is how we view, understand, and interpret the things around us. For international trade specialist, Ja’Nel Edens, a global mindset starts with changing your perception and thinking of yourself not just as a citizen of your nation, but as a global citizen.
Zeynep Kantur Ozenci
Developing a Cultural Consciousness is Not a Choice
Zeynep Kantur Ozenci '00
Business is now more global than ever, challenging us to expand our understanding of other cultures and de
Ed Novak
Connecting Across Continents and Finding Solutions
Ed Novak '80
Ed Novak divides much of his time between Boston and the Washington, D.C., area, but his professional reach is global.


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