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UMD is planning for in-person study abroad in the Spring 2023 semester. Applications are now open!

Due to the evolving nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, the University reserves the right to cancel programs before the program start date. Maryland Smith students applying to study abroad for the Spring 2023 semester should remain registered for Spring 2023 courses at UMD until advised otherwise.


Schedule a Study Abroad Advising Appointment

If you are a business student interested in studying abroad, please follow the study abroad advising steps below.

Step 1: Explore the Possibilities

Not sure if studying abroad is right for you? Have questions about your options? Review our different study abroad program offerings in this 20-minute video, and then attend a general advising session in-person or via Zoom.

Schedule your appointment with

CGB offers semester, summer, and faculty-led study abroad programs:

Step 2: Navigate Your Options

Learn more about program options and important details regarding academics, finances, and application steps. This step requires you to research study abroad options through the CGB website and other resources such as the business exchange guides (see below), the Maryland Smith Study Abroad Info Video, and the study abroad course database (SACD).

Please note that students must watch the Maryland Smith Study Abroad Info Video before scheduling an advising appointment in step 3.

View the Maryland Smith Study Abroad Info Video

You must watch this video before scheduling a study abroad advising appointment.

The 20-minute video will cover the following:

  • Overview of the types of study abroad programs offered to business students
  • What it means to have a global mindset
  • Important considerations when choosing a study abroad program
  • Next steps and how to apply

Business exchange course guides provide a list of major requirements or interest-specific courses offered by each business exchange program. You can use these guides to determine which business exchange program has historically offered the most degree requirements for your specific major. The availability of any course in a given semester is not guaranteed.

Course Guides

After reviewing the courses in each guide, it is important to double-check (to the best of your ability) whether the courses will be offered during your semester abroad. Please note that course offerings for future semesters are not always available at the time of application.

Course guides should be used to help you decide which semester exchange program will fit your academic plans best. Keep in mind that you still need to meet with your CGB and academic advisers to make sure the program will be a good fit overall.

Step 3: Embark on Your Journey

Schedule a virtual advising appointment with CGB to talk about a specific study abroad program or answer any follow-up questions. Please complete this advising aid and have it ready to review during your meeting. Contact CGB at

Step 4: Continue Your Journey

Now that you have returned from studying abroad there are even more opportunities to continue to build your global mindset skills and to stay connected with the Center for Global Business.

Going abroad not only affects your outlook on life and your experience at the Smith school, but it also gives you a significant advantage in your future career. Listing education abroad on your resume is your first step in differentiating yourself from other competitors in the job market

Leveraging Your Global Mindset

Careers From Abroad Event Series

  • Each semester CGB will host an event relating to gaining an internationally focused career.

CGB offers semester, winter, spring break and summer programs.

Go abroad after graduation.

  • Your journey to a global mindset does not have to stop after your undergraduate career. There are dozens of opportunities and scholarships to go abroad post-graduation for study, research, or a career.
  • Contact UMD’s National scholarship office to learn about more opportunities.

Global Mindset on Campus

  • Going abroad is not the only way to develop these crucial skills. CGB offers several opportunities each semester to work on building a global mindset right here on campus.

Engage with UMD’s international community

  • Volunteer with CGB to meet new exchange students and help them as they adjust to the USA and UMD.

Engage with UMD’s International Campus Community

  • Take a globally focused course
  • Explore Living Learning Communities


  • The Center for Global Business has opportunities each semester for you to share your experience with interested students. Volunteer with CGB and share your story with those looking to enhance their global mindset.

Provide CGB with a program testimony and photos

  • CGB is looking for stories about your time abroad and photos. This is an opportunity to show off your photography skills and the amazing experiences you had while abroad!
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