Digital Marketing Professional Certificate

Digital Marketing

A Professional Certificate Program, On Demand

Today’s marketers face a “digital skills gap.” When you earn this online Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing from Maryland Smith and edX, you will no doubt be future-ready.

Designed by leading marketing professors at Maryland Smith, home to some of the strongest marketing researchers in the world, this Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing from the University of Maryland, in partnership with edX, develops the digital marketing acumen you need to take advantage of the explosive growth and rapidly evolving marketing industry.

Program Overview 

Digital marketing is fast becoming the dominant implement in marketers’ toolboxes. This is in part due to the fact that it presents the opportunity to track the ROI on every dollar spent. As such, it’s critical that experts in digital marketing continually build and develop both sound marketing and creativity skills. The bottom line? Key decisions are now driven by savvy data analysis.

What You’ll Learn

  • Omni-channel marketing
  • Marketing analytics
  • Social media strategy
  • Online advertising
  • AI approaches to customer value analysis
  • Inbound and outbound marketing
  • Mobile Marketing, Apps and Promotions
  • How to leverage SEO and SEM strategies

Program Details 

Timeline: Launches Winter 2021.

Time Commitment: 3 - 5 hours per week over a one month period per course. For the 4 course bundle, learners can expect 3 - 5 hours per week over a four month period.

Pacing: Each of the four courses in this program is 100% self-paced and delivered on-demand.

Cost: $499 per course or $1,796.40 for the bundle of all four courses.

Course Descriptions

Date: Launching Winter 2021

Timing: Self paced

Learn the varied and changing approaches to digital marketing, such as mobile and omnichannel marketing and attribution and marketing mix modeling to inform your organization’s digital marketing strategy.  

Faculty: PK Kannan and Ling Ling Zhang

Date: Launching Winter 2021

Timing: Self paced

Learn how to leverage leading tools and approaches to digital marketing data analysis.  Dive into SEO and SEM strategies including web analytics, machine learning and AI/Big Data applications to strengthen your digital marketing efforts and leverage your resources most effectively.

Faculty: Michael Trusov and Liye Ma

Date: Launching Winter 2021

Timing: Self paced 

Learn how to curate and develop Online Advertising Ecosystems complete with Social Media/Social Network and Media Big Data analysis for better decision making in all forms of outreach.

Faculty: Wendy Moe, Lauren Rhue and Yogesh Joshi

Date: Launching Winter 2021

Timing: Self Paced 

Turn your digital marketing data insights into customer insights and selection techniques. Learn how to harness the power of Customer Lifetime Value concepts by applying them to firm value, selection of customers and loyalty programming. You will also analyze customer churn and its impact and explore the latest Direct to Consumer Models and other valuation tools.

Faculty: PK Kannan and Mary Beth Furst

The future is now. Prepare by arming yourself with the most in-demand digital marketing tools and skills to power the trajectory of your career and drive value at your organization.

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About the Instructors

Mary Beth Furst
Associate Clinical Professor

Mary Beth Furst is an Associate Clinical Professor in Marketing at the Maryland Smith. She teaches foundational marketing classes at the undergraduate and MBA level.

Yogesh Joshi
Associate Professor

Yogesh Joshi is an associate professor at Maryland Smith. He works in the areas of marketing and innovation. His research focuses on strategic marketing decisions, product differentiation, brand strategy, social influence, the diffusion of innovations, and new product development. 

P. K. Kannan
Dean's Chair in Marketing Science

P. K. Kannan is the Dean’s Chair in Marketing Science at Maryland Smith. His research expertise is on marketing modeling, applying statistical,  econometric, machine learning, and AI methods to marketing data. 

Liye Ma
Associate Professor

Liye Ma teaches the undergraduate Marketing Research Methods class and the Data Science class in the MS Marketing Analytics program. His research focuses on the dynamic interactions of firms and consumers on Internet, social media, and mobile platforms.

Wendy W. Moe
Associate Dean of Master's Programs

Wendy W. Moe is the Associate Dean of Master's Programs, Dean's Professor of Marketing and Co-Director of the Smith Analytics Consortium at Maryland Smith. She is an expert in online marketing and social media and is the author of Social Media Intelligence.  Professor Moe’s research has appeared in numerous leading journals. 

Lauren Rhue
Assistant Professor

Lauren Rhue is an assistant professor of information systems in the department of Decision, Operations and Information Technologies at Maryland Smith. Her research uses empirical and econometric methods to explore the economic and social implications of technology. 

Michael Trusov

Michael Trusov is a marketing professor at Maryland Smith. He is also the academic director of the MS in Marketing Analytics program. He received his Ph.D. degree from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA. 

Lingling Zhang
Assistant Professor 

Professor Zhang received her doctorate in marketing from Harvard Business School in 2016. She is interested in competitive marketing strategies using empirical models. Her research focuses on platform business, business-to-business marketing, and multi-channel marketing. Her work has been published in Marketing Science. 

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