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Liye Ma

Associate Professor

Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University


3323 Van Munching Hall

Liye Ma is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland. He is an expert on AI/Machine Learning and Digital Marketing. His research focuses on the dynamic interactions of consumers and firms on Internet, social media and mobile platforms. He develops statistical, econometric, and machine learning methods to analyze the drivers of consumer actions in the digital economy, and uses the findings to help companies develop digital marketing strategies and optimize marketing decisions. Dr. Ma has published articles in various leading academic journals including Marketing Science, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Marketing, Management Science, International Journal of Research in Marketing, Information Systems Research, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, Decision Support Systems, and Marketing Letters. He serves as AE or on the Editorial Review Board at various journals. He has received research grants from the Marketing Science Institute and the Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative. His papers have been a finalist for the John D.C. Little best paper award and the Paul Root best paper award. At the Smith School, he teaches Big Data and AI, Data Science, Action Learning Project, and Doctoral Seminar classes. Dr. Ma obtained his Ph.D. degree from the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University. Prior to his doctoral study, he obtained B.E. and Sc.M. in Computer Science from Tsinghua University and Brown University, and worked as a Senior Project Leader at Oracle Corporation and as a Development Lead at the Wellington Management Company.

Refereed Publications

Yiping Song (Amy), Lingling Zhang, Liye Ma, and Indranil Bose, (2023), “What shall I learn? Two-stage decision making under social influence on corporate E-learning platforms,” Decision Support Systems, 171, p. 113978

H. Henry Cao, Liye Ma, Z. Eddie Ning, and Baohong Sun, (2023), “How Does Competition Affect Exploration vs. Exploitation? A Tale of Two Recommendation Algorithms”, Management Science, published online March 2023

Shubham Akshat, Liye Ma and S. Raghavan, “Improving Broader Sharing to Address Geographic Inequity in Liver Transplantation,” Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, published online April 2023

Hongshuang Li and Liye Ma, (2020), “Charting the Path to Purchase Using Topic Models,” Journal of Marketing Research, 57(6), 1019-1036

Liye Ma and Baohong Sun, (2020), “Machine Learning and AI in Marketing - Connecting Computing Power to Human Insights,” International Journal of Research in Marketing, 37(3), 481-504

Gu, Xian, P.K. Kannan and Liye Ma, (2018), “Selling the Premium in Freemium,” Journal of Marketing, 82(6), 10–27

  • Finalist, Marketing Science Institute/H. Paul Root Award

Michael Trusov, Liye Ma and Zainab Jamal, (2016), “Crumbs of the Cookie: User Profiling in Customer-Base Analysis and Behavioral Targeting,” Marketing Science Special Issue on Big Data, Vol. 35, No. 3, pp. 405-426. (Equal Authorship)

Liye Ma, Baohong Sun and Sunder Kekre, (2015), “The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease - An Empirical Analysis of Customer Voice and Firm Intervention on Twitter,” Marketing Science, Vol. 34, No. 5, pp. 627-645.

  • Finalist, John D.C. Little Award
  • Lead Article
  • Selected for Marketing Science Press Release of the Issue

Liye Ma, Ramayya Krishnan and Alan Montgomery, (2015), “Latent Homophily or Social Influence? An Empirical Analysis of Purchase within a Social Network,” Management Science, 61(2) 454-473

Kinshuk Jerath, Liye Ma, and Young-Hoon Park, (2014), “Consumer Click Behavior at a Search Engine: The Role of Keyword Popularity,” Journal of Marketing Research, Vol. 51, No. 4, pp. 480-486.

Liye Ma, Alan Montgomery, Param Vir Singh, and Michael Smith, (2014), "An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Pre-Release Movie Piracy on Box-Office Revenue," Information Systems Research, 25(3), 590-603.

S. Sriram, Puneet Manchanda, Mercedes Esteban Bravo, Junhong Chu, Liye Ma, Minjae Song, Scott Shriver, and Upender Subramanian, (2014), "Platforms: a multiplicity of research opportunities," Marketing Letters, 26(2), 141-152.

Kinshuk Jerath, Liye Ma, Young-Hoon Park and Kannan Srinivasan, (2011), “A ‘Position Paradox’ in Sponsored Search Auctions,” Marketing Science, 30(4), 612-627.



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