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Concluded Webinars

AI Webinar: AI Design Experiments

UMD Smith professors and AI experts Suresh Acharya and Balaji Padmanabhan deliver a high-level discussion on designing AI systems to maximize the effectiveness of humans and AI. How can we create a system that combines the capabilities of both and can do more than either could alone? Watch this video and find out how to revolutionize your industry or your business.

Integrating ERM with Management Functions

With John Basso, Carrie Anderson and Cliff Rossi

March 24, 2022

Watch the webinar: Integrating ERM with Management Functions

A Scientist's Take on Climate Models and Risk Management Applications

November 17, 2021

Watch the webinar: A Scientist's Take on Climate Models and Risk Management Applications

In our latest installment of the Maryland Smith Risk Academy Webinar series, Dr. Tim Canty from the University of Maryland's Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Department will provide an insider's look at climate models; their strengths and limitations, inputs and outputs and things to consider when working using climate models for risk analysis. Canty will also offer his insights on the latest IPCC climate change report and what it means for risk managers.

Elevating your Cyber Security Risk Management Awareness and Capabilities

August 17, 2021

Watch the webinar: Elevating your Cyber Security Risk Management Awareness and Capabilities

With Clifford Rossi and Tim Li.

The Pitfalls of a Zero-Sum Mindset

May 18, 2021

WATCH THE WEBINAR: The Pitfalls of a Zero-Sum Mindset

Rellie Derfler-Rozin, Associate Professor, Management & Organization
Does she work for the money/perks OR because she likes the job? Will they be winning OR will we be winning? Should we follow the rules OR should we be creative? These questions reflect how we, as humans, tend to think, in many cases in a Zero-Sum, Either-Or fashion. Although people’s motives are complex, we tend to simplify how we think about their motivation to do work. Though negotiations allow for ample opportunities to create win-win situations, in many cases we think about them as a win-lose situation. And though one can be creative while still being ethical, we often tend to associate creativity with deviant rule-breaking. In this webinar, we will discuss research that exemplifies under which conditions people are more likely to adopt a zero-sum mindset (in hiring, negotiations, creativity) and will discuss potential practical implications to resist and combat such mindsets.

Cracking the Creativity Code: Why Do Creative Ideas Not See the Light of Day?

January 28, 2021

Watch the Webinar: Cracking the Creativity Code

Committed to creating an innovative team? Want to learn why your (or your team’s) creative ideas seem to go nowhere? Ready to learn about the roadblocks to innovation? Join Maryland Smith professor Vijaya Venkataramani, associate professor of management & organization, as she discusses her research about creativity in the workplace. This interactive discussion will include a short presentation followed by time for participants to ask questions.

What COVID-19 Means for Business and Economics

P.K. Kannan, Dean's Chair in Marketing Science

Professor Kannan will briefly introduce how consumer behavior has changed during the pandemic and what the implications are for marketing strategies in the short term and the longer term. Learn how marketing/retailing has been affected and what he sees as structural changes. How should firms orient themselves going forward? Which trends are going to dominate, which media will have higher importance and which media's importance will wane. He will cover implications for customer focus, digital marketing and marketing budgets.

Nicole M. Coomber, Associate Clinical Professor, Management and Organization

Join us as Nicole M. Coomber, associate clinical professor at the Robert H. Smith School of Business, delivers research on how demonstrating vulnerability and using an inquiry mindset can help in managing remote conversations with your customers, clients, employees, and even your family members.

G. “Anand” Anandalingam, Ralph J. Tyser Professor of Management Science

This faculty-led webinar will explore the operational issues that are the basis of policies and procedures to deal with the negative health impacts during the upswing of a pandemic and how operations need to be managed during the opening up of the economy as the pandemic recedes. We will also suggest ways in which the negative economic issues of a future pandemic can be avoided or moderated by effective operations management.

Rebecca Ratner, Dean's Professor of Marketing

Maryland Smith professor Rebecca Ratner will draw from her own research to answer the question: Are there upsides to time alone? Ratner has been studying how people make decisions about which activities to do alone vs. with others, how much they enjoy activities that they do alone vs. with others, and how they think about other people who do activities alone.

Anil K. Gupta, Michael D. Dingman Chair in Strategy and Entrepreneurship

COVID-19 is almost certainly the biggest health crisis the world has faced in the last 100 years. It directly affects and calls for a response from every individual, every organization, and every nation on earth. We invite you to join Maryland Smith professor Anil K. Gupta for analysis and insights into some of the most important questions related to COVID-19. What will be the new normal for the global economy? How do/should leaders respond to crises such as COVID-19? How are scientists and engineers deploying the innovation playbook to attack COVID-19? Last but not least, how will the current crisis reshape the future of US-China relations? We look forward to your engagement and participation.

Sizing the Eventual Economic Damage of COVID-19: A Risk Assessment - VIDEO
Clifford Rossi, Professor of the Practice & Executive-in-Residence
April 1, 2020

Supply Chain Crisis: How Best In Class Organizations Battle Pandemic Risks - VIDEO
Sandor Boyson, Research Professor
March 31, 2020

How Responses to Crisis Create Risk Chain Reactions: The Case of COVID-19 - VIDEO
Clifford Rossi, Professor of the Practice & Executive-in-Residence
March 30, 2020

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