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The Blockchain Business Imperative

Next Cohort: Spring 2023

Blockchain has started the process, some say revolution, of transforming our “analog” assets into “digital” assets. Blockchain leverages fundamental computing advances within cryptography, distributed systems, and peer-to-peer networks to create a global system for individuals to acquire, hold and transact with digital assets without needing a centralized party acting as a guarantor.

$1,300 • 6 weeks • Online, Synchronous

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Customer Analytics in Marketplace Businesses Banner
Customer Analytics in Marketplace Businesses

Next Workshop: Spring 2023

Customer analytics, at its core, is about discovering actionable insights. This is achieved through a rigorous process of identifying and measuring meaningful customer engagement and relevant metrics across the customer journey. This 1-day workshop is a primer on techniques to uncover and display actionable insights about your customers.

$2,500 • 1.5 CEUs • In-person + Online

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Data Science & Business Analytics
Data Science & Machine Learning

Quarterly Cohort Starts: 

January, April, July, & October

The Robert H. Smith School of Business has partnered with upGrad to offer online programs in Data Science, Business Analytics, and Machine Learning to professionals looking to upskill. These programs prepare you for all aspects of data-driven decision-making with a range of topics from data analysis to visualization and machine and deep learning.

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Workplace Negotiations Banner
Workplace Negotiations: Unlocking Your Potential

Next Workshop: TBD

We negotiate every day – with potential employers, vendors, customers, coworkers, landlords, phone and internet service providers, parents, and even our kids.  Determining our salary, what price we pay for a product, or even who will do the dishes – all of those are negotiations. Even though we constantly negotiate, many of us know very little about the strategy and psychology behind effective negotiations.

$1,995 • 1.2 CEUs • In-person

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