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Large Language Model Training and Development

Next workshop: Fridays August 2-23, 2024

Join Professor KZ Zhang for a deep dive into the technical framework behind the large language model (LLM), including solutions for developing and training a model on a custom data set. The solution can be implemented in any environment, even without extensive computing resources.

$3495 • In person

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Optimizing Marketing Performance with AI

Next workshop: September 19-20, 2024

Connect big data, machine learning, predictive AI, and generative AI as technologies that help to determine the best path forward in marketing decisions.

$1995 • In-person

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Blockchain Business Imperative Banner
The Blockchain Business Imperative

Next Cohort: TBD

Blockchain has started the process, some say revolution, of transforming our “analog” assets into “digital” assets. Blockchain leverages fundamental computing advances within cryptography, distributed systems, and peer-to-peer networks to create a global system for individuals to acquire, hold and transact with digital assets without needing a centralized party acting as a guarantor.

$1,300 • 6 weeks • Online, Synchronous

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Workplace Negotiations Banner
Workplace Negotiations: Unlocking Your Potential

Next Workshop: TBD

We negotiate every day – with potential employers, vendors, customers, coworkers, landlords, phone and internet service providers, parents, and even our kids.  Determining our salary, what price we pay for a product, or even who will do the dishes – all of those are negotiations. Even though we constantly negotiate, many of us know very little about the strategy and psychology behind effective negotiations.

$1,995 • In-person

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