Foundations of Business

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Foundations of Business is a seven course, online program that is designed and taught by the world-class MBA faculty at the Robert H. Smith School of Business. You will learn the fundamental business skills needed to advance in your career. Over the course of the program, you will explore the different functional areas of a firm, how each area defines success, and how the functions work together to create success in the marketplace. You will also learn how to build and lead successful teams, influence others, and deliver high-quality outcomes on time and within budget.

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Course 1: Leadership and Influence

This course centers on the core capability of leaders: influence. The outcome of this course is maximizing your capacity to influence people toward a shared goal.

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Course 2: Global Business Strategy

This course is divided into two parts, one which focuses on business strategy and one which focuses on global strategy.

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Course 3: Data Analysis & Decision Making

The course will prepare you to understand and participate in decision making activities involving data.

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Course 4: Financial Accounting

This course examines accounting fundamentals, including understanding financial statements, cash flows, and reporting.

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Course 5: Marketing Management

This course examines different facets of marketing, such as knowing your customers, pricing strategy, and achieving a customer-centered approach.

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Course 6: Corporate Finance

This course examines the concept of time value of money and its impact on several financial metrics important to the financial health of a firm.

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Course 7: Digital Transformation in Business

This course examines the importance of information technology in business success. Specific topics include IT governance and strategy, emerging technologies, and social media.

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Foundations of Business Program
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