The Marketing DBA program at Smith is designed as a terminal degree targeted at practitioners and experienced professionals, and will provide students with programmatic skill sets in the following:

  • Comprehensive knowledge and analytical skills including AI, machine learning, and prediction models, decision analytics, social media and web analytics, market segmentation, marketing mix models, personalization and recommendations, attribution modeling, etc.
  • Using behavioral theories to understand users’ as well as customers’ motivation, attitudes and behaviors and make behavioral predictions.
  • Understanding of foundational theory and practical application of marketing behavioral and quantitative topics.


Marketing Research Areas and Faculty

Marketing DBA specialty areas include but are not limited to:

  • Marketing analytics
  • Digital/technology marketing
  • E-commerce and retail management
  • Social media strategies
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Brand and product management
  • Advertising and marketing communications
  • New product development and innovations

Faculty will work with each DBA student to design a curriculum that meets the student’s research interests and career objectives.

Select Faculty

Judy Frels

Judy Frels

Academic Director of the MS Marketing Analytics
Senior Fellow, Executive Development Programs and Clinical Professor
Mary Beth Furst

Mary Beth Furst

Clinical Professor
Associate Area Chair, Marketing
P. K. Kannan

P. K. Kannan

Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives
Dean's Chair in Marketing Science
Michael Trusov

Michael Trusov

Dean’s Professor of Digital Marketing and Analytics
Jie Zhang

Jie Zhang

Dean’s Professor of Marketing
Harvey Sanders Fellow of Retail Management
Bo "Bobby" Zhou

Bo "Bobby" Zhou

Associate Professor

Contact Us

For all inquiries about the DBA, please contact the faculty coordinator responsible for your specialization of interest. Please provide a brief description of the following information in your email inquiry:

  • Education background
  • Work experience
  • Why are you interested in pursuing a DBA degree and how does it relate to your career objectives?
  • Do you plan to work on your DBA degree full-time or part-time?

Jie Zhang
Professor of Marketing
DBA Program Faculty Coordinator


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