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A candidate who is admitted to the Smith School and is a civil Federal employee, or the spouse of a civil Federal employee, prior to orientation for their program start, is eligible for Smith’s FedGrant. FedGrant reduces graduate program tuition by 30 percent, as part of Smith’s alliance with the Federal Government.

Federal employees can deepen their subject matter skills with one of eight rigorous specialty master’s programs, or broaden their leadership skills with a top-ranked online, part-time, or executive MBA.

FedGrant is for federal civil employees and their spouses and does not apply to members of the military or uniformed services. Military veterans who are currently federal civil employees are also eligible for the FedGrant benefit. The discounted tuition rate applies only to tuition; it does not apply to fees and associated costs such as housing, books, or global courses.

Please follow these steps to receive Smith FedGrant:

  1. Start your application and select your degree program.
  2. Complete the section of the application titled "Business School Questions" where you are asked about your FedGrant status.
  3. Email smithmasters@umd.edu to request an application fee waiver code.
  4. Please include the program to which you are applying in your email so your waiver can be processed.
  5. Once you receive your application fee waiver code and complete your application, you can submit your application.

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Who is eligible for the Smith FedGrant?

You are eligible for Smith FedGrant if:

  • You have qualified for admittance to the Smith School
  • You are a civil employee of the Federal Government or the spouse of an employee of the Federal Government prior to the start of your program orientation. Military Veterans who are currently civil employees are also eligible.
  • You are not a member of the military or uniformed services
  • You are receiving no other tuition reductions or scholarships

Is there a form to apply for the FedGrant?

After you are accepted to the program of your choice, you will be asked to verify your eligibility with a recent Leave and Earnings Statement (if you are a Federal Government employee) or a recent Leave and Earnings Statement plus a certificate of marriage (if you are a spouse of a Federal Government employee). The reduced tuition rate will then be applied to your bill. You must provide verification of your employment and marital status each semester to continue to receive the reduced tuition rate.

I am a U.S. military veteran who also works for the Federal Government. Am I eligible for the FedGrant?

Yes. Our director of military and veteran affairs can help you understand how FedGrant works for you, as well as its use with any VA education benefits you may have. Email us at rhsmith-vets@umd.edu.

If I begin working for the Federal Government after I begin my graduate program, can I apply for the Smith FedGrant program?

You need to provide proof of employment with the Federal Government prior to the first day of your new student orientation to be considered for the Smith FedGrant program.

What programs are eligible?

The following top-ranked master's programs are eligible for the FedGrant.

Who can I contact for more information?

Part-time Flex MBA and Executive MBA - Shelbi Brookshire at sbrooksh@umd.edu

Online MBA program - admissions@onlineprograms.umd.edu

Specialty Master's programs - smithmasters@umd.edu

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