Will the Fed Act?

Janet Yellen, the Fed chairwoman, has said that raising interest rates before the end of the year is "a live possibility," given the relatively strong performance by the economy. Other Fed governors, however, have said that low levels of inflation mean that a rate hike would be premature. A division over interest-rate policy was also evident in a recent panel discussion among finance experts at the Smith School. Read more...

A Consumer Goods Behemoth Faces Pressure

Is it time for the biggest consumer products group in the world to be broken up? Procter & Gamble may account for more than half of the market for laundry care in the United States (Tide, Gain, Downy), more than two-thirds of the market for razors and blades (Gillette), and 15.5 percent of the beauty and personal care market (Pantene, and on and on). That's added up to a market capitalization of more than $200 billion. But P&G’s sales have dropped by nearly 9 percent since 2012. Smith School professor David Kass shares insights. Read more...


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