Lemma Senbet Fund

Real-world learning. Job market return.

Do you want to learn about financial topics such as:

  • Portfolio management theory and practice
  • Security screening and selection
  • Economic and industry analysis
  • Corporate qualitative and financial analysis
  • Valuation analysis
  • Trading strategies

The Senbet Fund provides members with skills and knowledge highly coveted by corporate recruiters, along with enhanced opportunities to network with industry professionals, use financial tools such as Reuters, Bloomberg, and First Call, and gain real-life market experience. It is a year-round, advanced course that was founded in 2006 to give undergraduate students an experiential learning experience in portfolio management and equity analysis. The goal of the student team, which includes two portfolio managers and 10 equity analysts, is to make long-term investment decisions to appreciate the fund’s value. Additionally, students learn from reviewing the results of the decisions they make, determining which strategies to replicate and which strategies to avoid in the future.

Modeled on the pioneering Mayer Fund at the Smith School, the Senbet Fund has the long-term performance goal of outpacing the appreciation of the S&P 500 on a risk-adjusted basis. Working for the Senbet Fund can be as demanding as a first job while giving finance majors a competitive edge during the recruiting season.

Read about the Senbet Fund:

Sarah Kroncke the faculty champion for this program.

Curriculum: One-Year Program

  • Fall – BMGT443 (if not already completed)
  • Fall – BMGT449F (Senbet Fund Course)
  • Spring – BMGT449F (Senbet Fund Course)

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be a declared finance major.
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA.
  • Completion of MATH220/140, BMGT220, 221, 230, ECON200 & 201.
  • BMGT343 should be completed prior to entering the program.
  • Completion or concurrent enrollment in BMGT443
  • Recommended courses: BMGT310, ECON305/306, and ECON330 or BMGT341.
  • While completion of MATH220 Elementary Calculus I is required, MATH140 & 141 Calculus I and II are preferred. MATH coursework beyond MATH220/141 is a plus.
  • Requires a two-semester commitment from Summer Session II to May of next year.

Questions? Contact smithfellows@umd.edu.

Class of 2024

Dasha Robinson
Portfolio Manager of Markets and External Relations

Tariq Marouf
Portfolio Manager of Performance

Jatin Sharma
Communication Services Analyst

Jake Blum
Consumer Discretionary Analyst

Graham Vaeth
Consumer Staples Analyst

Esteban Melendez
Energy and Utilities Analyst

Edward Guterres
Financials and Real Estate Analyst

Hannah Willets
Financials and Real Estate Analyst

Phillip Maneval
Healthcare Analyst

Zachary Brodsky
Industrials and Materials Analyst

Grayson Vintz
Information Technology Analyst

Vivien Lau
Information Technology Analyst

Contact Us

The Senbet Fund welcomes questions from prospective students and interested parties. Please e-mail us at rhsmith-senbetfund@umd.edu.

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