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We’ve launched the #KeepGlobalSmith campaign for 2020-21 to invite supporters to share our commitment to global learning and engagement at a time when we aren’t able to travel to experience the world in person.

The guiding principle behind the #KeepGlobalSmith campaign is simple:  We have an obligation to our students to prepare them to lead in the global economy. Business doesn’t stop being global just because we’re living, learning, and teaching from our homes. And the virtual environment allows us to intentionally bring students together who might not otherwise have the chance to meet.

  • We are supporting faculty in leveraging technology to bridge virtual classrooms on campus with those at partner institutions abroad.
  • We are creating new virtual exchanges to give students at Maryland the opportunity to meet and engage with peers in other countries.
  • We are launching new case challenges that bring students together from around the world to work together toward a common goal.

The innovative programs we are developing for the students at Maryland Smith require investment to be both scalable and sustainable. For a sense of the impact that keeping global can make, visit our Keeping Global in 2020 wall that was used to celebrate International Education Week.

Join us in keeping global at Smith.


Gifts to the center go toward student programming, including on-campus and virtual global learning activities and study abroad (when permitted). Experiential learning is at the core of every program that we design for students, and we strive to make every program both highly impactful and accessible to every student.

Future gifts can also go to provide financial support directly to students who participate in study abroad programs. We provide a scholarship to every business student who studies abroad and seek to increase the amount of each award to make these life-changing programs affordable.

Our Donors

In any given year, the center relies on grants and corporate and individual gifts to support its programs, services, and events for students. Our donors are key supporters of our annual fundraising campaigns and often partners in our work. 

We’d like to thank the following supporters of the center for FY20 (July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020).

Jitin and Anu Ahuja

Ms. Marina Augoustidis

Ms. Rebecca L. Bellinger

Ms. Manogodjon Binate

Chris and Alison Dax

Mr. Frank DiGiovanni

Ms. Mary A. Gillis

Ms. Kara Korab

Mr. Lawrence D. Legates, III

Knut and Cathleen Leipold

Mr. Santiago Luna

Mr. Jay Meyers

Mr. James Moscariello

Mr. Maurice Nick

Ms. Rashida Petersen

Ms. Ellen Polansky

Dr. Kislaya Prasad

Dr. Paulo Prochno

Mr. Greg Rafal

Ms. Melissa Turning

Mr. Anthony Uhl

Jenifer Ramirez Tabraj

Jenifer Ramirez Tabraj
Class of ’22 | Accounting Major
IB Agility Lab: Accounting Participant

"This experience has been one of the highlights of my school year. I had the opportunity to work with students from the University of Hong Kong as well as accounting pioneers in the field of automated accounting, currently working at a Singapore-based accounting company called Sleek.  The best part of my experience was interacting with the students. The pandemic has been tough for all of us, and being able to meet new people is always gratifying."

Dan Wurtzel

Dan Wurtzel
MBA ’20 | MBA Marketing Liason
Doing Business in Africa Participant

"Some of the biggest highlights of our time in South Africa centered around organizations working to bridge the income inequality gap that is so pervasive across the country.  [It] opened my eyes to some of the socio-economic challenges faced by my peers on a day-to-day basis.  I was truly inspired by the resilience and optimism of the people we met during our company visits, and hope to stay in contact with them."

Rishi Kadiwar

Rishi Kadiwar
Class of ’05, MBA ’10
Experience Strategy Director, McCann Health New York

Cultural awareness comes naturally for Kadiwar, who was born in the United States to immigrant parents from India. But he also values his global experiences at the University of Maryland, where he participated in a study abroad program in Europe. "If you get a chance to study abroad, definitely do it," he says. "It really does open up the way you approach problems."

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