Accounting & Information Assurance (AIA)

The PhD program in accounting offers creative and motivated students the opportunity to push the boundaries of traditional accounting in research areas including voluntary disclosure, corporate governance, manager and investor behavior, accounting theory, and accounting’s role in supply chains, labor markets, and the economy. Doctoral students are required to complete the graduate-level microeconomics sequence and econometrics sequence at UMD’s Department of Economics, where prior success in undergraduate math classes is helpful. Students will also take a variety of accounting seminars that expose them to cutting edge accounting research and have the option to take additional graduate seminars in data analytics, finance, and other topics depending on their research interests.

AIA Faculty Coordinator: Nick Seybert



Laurel Mazur

Notre Dame University

Ariel Rava

Harvard Law School (Research Fellow)

Viktoria Zotova

Georgetown University

Jin Kyung Choi

City University of Hong Kong

Cody Hyman

Bentley University

Gerald Ward

University of Lancaster

Fikret “Ted” Polat

George Mason University

Ruyun “Ivy” Feng

University of Wisconsin

Yi Cao

Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzen

Heedong Kim

CUNY Baruch College

Sijing Wei

Creighton University

Yue Zheng

Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

Kyungran Lee

University of Hong Kong

Wenfeng Wang

City University of Hong Kong

Chad Ham

Washington University in St. Louis

Congcong Li

Singapore Management University

Lindsey Gallo

University of Michigan

Maryjane Rabier Carnahan

Washington University in St. Louis

Robert Felix

University of Baltimore

Yura Kim

Kookmin University

Amanda Wilford

IE Madrid

Wenjie Zhu

University of Hong Kong

  • Journal of Accounting Research
  • Journal of Accounting and Economics
  • The Accounting Review
  • Review of Accounting Studies
  • Contemporary Accounting Research
  • Accounting, Organizations and Society
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