Decision Science Field Committee

Why do some teens, but not others, choose to experiment with drugs and alcohol? How do emotions undermine or facilitate rational economic decisions? Why do most people find it hard to choose salad instead of fries and to save money for retirement instead of spending it quickly? Decisions have serious consequences, including for health, financial well-being, economics, politics and the environment. Understanding what factors influence human judgment and decision making therefore has far-reaching implications for society. Doing so requires a deep exchange of ideas among the various disciplines that create new knowledge about human judgment.

On the College Park campus, decision researchers reside in departments as diverse as Psychology, Economics, Management, and Marketing, to name a few. The Graduate Field Committee in Decision Science provides opportunities for these researchers to interact, share ideas, and cultivate collaboration. The Committee includes faculty members, doctoral students, and post-doctoral researchers who have a central interest in theories, models, and phenomena in human decision making.

Spokesperson: Professor Michael Dougherty.

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