Events & Outreach

At the Ed Snider Center we seek to foster discussions on big topic issues that illuminate the roles of individuals, business, and social institutions in enterprise and markets. Events like our debates and colloquiums bring together a large audience of students, academics, and business leaders in College Park to hear rich discussions on diverse topics such as: ethics and leadership, freedom of expression, capitalism versus socialism, and nationalism versus globalism.

Personal and professional development cannot happen in a vacuum. It must be celebrated. That’s why the center supplements curricula with programs that honor, recognize, and promote leadership among those who deliver trailblazing research, show extraordinary vision, exhibit leadership through teamwork, and demonstrate personal growth and success rooted in resilience and integrity.

Ed Snider Leadership Award

Since 2018, the Ed Snider Center annually honors University of Maryland undergraduate students for their positive and impactful leadership in their communities great and small. We proudly award students who demonstrate determination and show achievement in the areas of innovation and enterprise. Learn more about the Ed Snider Center Leadership Award.

Campus Liberty Tour Debate Series

Presented in collaboration with the Steamboat Institute since 2018, the Campus Liberty Tour debates has offered the opportunity for attendees to broaden their mindset through civilized discussion. Together with the Steamboat Institute, the Ed Snider Center is pleased to highlight the importance of rhetoric, reason, and persuasion. Learn more about the Campus Liberty Tour debate series.

The Inc Tank Podcast

The Inc Tank podcast, in partnership with Wake Forest University’s Center for the Study of Capitalism, explores the impact of technology on business and society. Co-hosts David Yang, Ed Snider Center executive fellow, and Dr. Christina Elson, director of WFU’s Center for the Study of Capitalism, explore the impact of these technological innovations on markets with leaders from the ever-changing front lines of industry. Learn more about the Inc Tank Podcast.

BB&T Colloquium

The center’s signature fall event through 2019, the colloquium brought thought-leaders in business to the Smith School and celebrated the school’s long partnership with BB&T Corporation (now part of Truist Financial). Learn more about the past BB&T Colloquiums.

Snider Focus

Snider Focus on Innovation and Markets, our digital publication, makes scholarly research relevant for the public and features research in three key areas: human enterprise, market-supporting institutions, and evolution of capitalism. Visit the Snider Focus website.

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