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X-SCM: The New Science of X-treme Supply Chain Management - Paperback - October 25, 2010
by Lisa H Harrington (Author), Sandor Boyson (Author), Thomas Corsi (Author)
ISBN-13: 978-0415873567 ISBN-10: 0415873568

In Real Time: Managing the New Supply Chain - Hardcover - July 30, 2004
by Sandor Boyson (Author), Lisa H. Harrington (Author), Thomas M. Corsi (Author)

Logistics and the Extended Enterprise: Benchmarks and Best Practices for the Manufacturing Professional - Hardcover - March 11, 1999
by Sandor Boyson (Author), Martin E. Dresner (Author), Lisa Harrington (Author), Thomas M. Corsi (Author), Elliot Rabinovich (Author)
ISBN-13: 978-0471314301 ISBN-10: 0471314307

Papers, Articles & Reports

Adams B. Stevena, Yan Dong, Thomas Corsi, "Global sourcing and quality recalls: An empirical study of outsourcing-supplier concentration-product recalls linkages," Journal of Operations Management, 2014, 241-253.

Sandor Boyson, "Cyber supply chain risk management: Revolutioning the strategic control of critical IT systems," Technovation, 2014, 333-353.

Sandor Boyson, Thomas Corsi, Hart Rossman,, Matthew Dorin, "Assessing SCRM Capabilities and Perspectives of the IT Vendor Community: Toward a Cyber Supply Chain Code of Practice," A NIST-Sponsored Project. 2011.

Sandor Boyson, Hart Rossman, Taylor Wilkerson,"The ICT SCRM Community Framework Development Project, Final Report, " A NIST-Sponsored Project, 2012.

Lisa Harrington, "Fashion unleashed: the agile fashion supply chain," DHL, 2013,

Lisa Harrington, "Closing the loop: Building the environmental supply chain," DHL, 2014

Lisa Harrington, "Building the smarter energy supply chain," DHL, 2014

Lisa Harrington, "The Resilient Supply Chain," DHL, 2014

Partners & Research Fellows

Corporate partners such as Sun Microsystems, Cisco, TIBCO, Manugistics, Oracle, and Avaya have contributed over $6 million in business applications and computing resources. The center's IT suite includes software for advanced supply chain management planning and optimization, enterprise resource planning (ERP), collaborative logistics, simulation of Global e-supply chain, data-mining, and analysis. Sophisticated workstations connect to a large screen, flat-panel projection display for easy readability.

Corporate Partners

Academic Partners

  • Delft Institute for Systems Engineering, Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands
  • Consortium of Business Schools Worldwide


  • Authorized Sun Microsystems iForce Ready Center
  • Department of Defense Supply Chain Integration Center


In 2013, the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) awarded the SCMC $200,000 for research and development of enterprise tools & technologies for managing risk in the cyber supply chain.

Utilizing multi-year funding from NIST, SCMC successfully built a Cyber Risk Management Portal with the following features:

  • Enterprise Risk Assessment Tool based on the President's Executive Cyber Security Framework
  • Supply Chain Assessment Tool, based on latest NIST guidelines and practices, that evaluates your organization's strategic control over its end-to-end IT supply chain.
  • Mapping Tool to determine the vulnerability of key hubs and nodes in your IT supply chain
  • Insurance Risk Analysis Tool, enables your publically-traded organization to benchmark itself against a database of cybersecurity breaches by industry
  • Easy-to-use Executive Dashboard to display and access assessment results
  • Newsfeeds and alerts relative to cybersecurity

The SCMC currently is constructing an econometric model for the Director of the Department of Defense's Manufacturing & Industrial Base Policy.

This study draws on the following data sets concerning the benchmarking firm: APQC's supply chain operations reference metrics (SCOR) database; Bloomberg's SPLC Database; and SEC 10k and Quarterly Filings for both financial and supply chain performance variables.


  • Quantify the impact that supply chain performance metrics have on a firm's financial performance
  • Quantify the impact that supply chain structure variables have on a firm's financial performance

Sandor Boyson, John-Patrick Paraskevas, and Isaac Elking, "Bloomberg Supplier Analysis Project, Student Manual, " April 2014. MS and MBA Capstone Project.

Lockheed Martin (2010):

  • White Paper on Supply Chain Outsourcing for UMD's Center For Public Policy/Private Enterprise.

Army Material Command/MLRS (2003-2004):

  • Built supply chain portal for the HIMARS Missile Launcher
  • Mapped Lockheed's HIMARS supply base and developed portal capable of managing sourcing and distribution.

Office Of Secretary Of Defense (2001):

  • Built supply chain portal for Air Force's B-1 Bomber (F101 Engine).

Office Of Secretary Of Defense (1998):

  • Conducted detailed, 10-year Supply Chain Technology Forecast for Deputy Assistant Under Secretary For Logistics Plans (Lou Kratz).

Senior Research Fellows

Carlos Alvarenga, Executive Director
World 50 ThinkLabs

Gary S. Lynch, Founder and CEO
The Risk Project

Craig Mygatt, CEO
SeaLand/Maersk Line activity trading in the North American/Latin American trade lanes

Hart Rossman, Director Global Security, Risk, and Compliance Practices
Amazon Web Services

Sumit Vakil, CTO

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