In 1996, Sandor Boyson and Thomas Corsi founded the Supply Chain Management Center (SCMC) within the Robert H. Smith School of Business. Since its inception, SCMC's mission has been to explore and understand the the technologies and businesses practices required to transform traditional supply chains into real-time, netcentric, risk-tolerant supply chains.

Leveraging advanced technology and new business models based on extended enterprise relationships, the SCMC pioneered in the prototyping of a real-time portal environment to support a wide range of supply chain applications. The center has integrated this environment into our undergraduate and graduate academic programs, providing students with hands-on experience with the kinds of production-level applications used to run today's supply chains.

The center also uses business simulations as part of its hands-on approach to learning. For example, in collaboration with its partner, Delft University of Technology, SCMC built and designed the Global Supply Chain Management Game, a unique real-time business simulation of managing a global supply chain. 

Through contributions from leading software companies such as SAP, Oracle, Resilinc and Manhattan Associates, SCMC provides students will access to essential supply chain technology and toolsets.

In addition to these technology-focused activities, the center conducts and publishes ongoing research into supply chain volatility and risk management, and rapidly evolving supply chain business models and practice.

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