Initiatives & Programs

Knowledge Diffusion, Practical Application

The Smith Experience

In the classroom, in the lab, in the field — SCMC fosters an immersive hands-on learning environment that also drives a leading-edge research agenda.

We develop and execute curricular and non-curricular programs that uniquely leverage Smith's thought leadership expertise, experiential learning opportunities, and our network of supply chain practitioners.

Through our executive education programs, we help companies and organizations leverage cutting-edge supply chain research and best practices to drive innovation and excellence at their organizations.

Through our outreach initiatives, we engage with the greater supply chain management and logistics community to actively foster knowledge diffusion.

Thanks to software contributions from partners such as SAP, Oracle, Resilinc Corporation, and Manhattan Associates, SCMC students gain real-world experience with the latest supply chain management technology and tools.

Executive Education

Working with corporate clients, the SCMC customizes state-of-the-art executive education programs according to a company's changing needs. Senior managers learn about the latest advances in supply chain management practice, process and capabilities, as they share real-life challenges with some of the most accomplished researchers and practitioners in the field today.

Using advanced simulators and modules, senior managers receive hands-on experience. In addition, they participate in:

  • Online e-supply chain coursework
  • Introduction to supply chain portals
  • Software training in application toolsets and real-time decision-making tools
  • Knowledge from best practices and benchmarking
  • Workshops and case studies
  • Insights from guest speakers
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