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Welcome to a learning community that embraces the complexities of the modern world while preparing to overcome the grand challenges of tomorrow. Our world-renowned faculty and forward-looking curriculum will help you define your path, discover your passion and engage the future with purpose.

Undergraduate Program

Secure an internship that could lead to your dream job. Join a club, or join five. Study abroad. Find a specialty in our Fellows Program. And don’t miss the annual Smith in the City trip to New York. There’s nothing you can’t do as a Maryland Smith undergrad.


Among Public Institutions

U.S. News, 2022


Land Full-time Postitions

U.S. News, 2021

I knew Maryland Smith was the right place to polish my skills and establish expertise. The school provided me with the right tools to achieve my goals and succeed in the professional world.

Zoha Tariq ’19

Senior Technology Risk Consultant


New Opportunities for Undergrads

Maryland Smith is launching two new undergraduate programs that will give our highest-achieving students a big-picture view of business and industry in the changing workplace. The Interdisciplinary Business Honors Living-Learning Program and the Smith Business Leadership Fellows Program are each designed to enrich the college experience for the highest-achieving undergraduate applicants and further nurture their intellectual curiosity.

MBA Programs

Ready to take on grand challenges? With a Maryland Smith MBA, you’ll be ready to adapt, innovate and lead fearlessly in a constantly evolving world.


Full-Time MBA

Fortune, 2021


Faculty (U.S.)

Economist, 2021



Financial Times, 2021


Online MBA

U.S. News, 2021

The career coaching that I received at Smith was unmatched. The connections I made and continue to make are invaluable, whether it's connecting me with someone I need to meet, or connecting someone looking for guidance with me.

Sherika Ekpo, MBA ’09

Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer


Business Master's Programs

Maryland Smith’s Business Master’s degree programs teach you to analyze data and think critically to solve business problems. You’ll develop advanced knowledge of a specialized business area, helping you stand out to employers and make a real impact in the workplace.

The OMSBA opened new paths and taught me the fundamental skills I needed for the workforce. I interviewed with incredibly competitive companies that would have been out of reach previously. This program has been extremely beneficial for my career — it’s been everything I wanted.

Dan Waldman, MSBA ’22

eCommerce analyst


PhD Program

Shaping the future of business scholarship by inspiring contributions to the discovery and dissemination of knowledge through exciting careers in research and teaching at top universities around the world. 

Executive Education

Our broad range of expertise – from leadership training and executive coaching to data analytics and finance – empowers current and future leaders to reach their fullest potential and transform their organizations.

Learn from Global Thought Leaders

Our one-of-a-kind faculty create a vibrant intellectual community where you’ll be challenged to learn and grow. Our highly regarded research faculty are shaping the practice of business around the world.

Current Research Articles

Do COVID Lockdowns Really Work?

As the world struggles to contain the spread of COVID-19, many countries grapple with the possibility of imposing more lockdown measures, like those widely used in the spring of 2020. But how well do lockdowns work at keeping people home? New research from Maryland Smith’s Yogesh Joshi finds they are effective – but for limited periods of time.

New Marketing Technologies Usher In Data-Driven Growth

In a new Journal of Marketing special issue, “New Technologies in Marketing,” Maryland Smith’s Michel Wedel co-authors an editorial that outlines how academics can support marketers to deliver data-driven growth.

What Happens When You Feel Important at Work – and Then You Don’t.

Even the most powerful manager sometimes cleans up dishes in the breakroom, and even the least powerful employees in organizations sometimes get to make important decisions. These examples indicate that power is a dynamic state – we often feel both powerful and powerless at work on any given day. New research from Maryland Smith’s Trevor Foulk suggests that this fluctuating sense of power can have surprising effects on our well-being.

Can You Bank Happiness?

Can you revel in happy moments now, to soak them in and store them up to help you through future sadness? New research from Maryland Smith’s Ali Faraji-Rad finds that many people actively try to bank their happiness so they can draw on it later to cope with a sad event.

How Internet Buzz Predicts Stock Returns

It’s clear that internet buzz and news affect stock prices – just look at the wild rides of 2021’s meme stocks like GameStop and AMC for proof. New research from Maryland Smith’s Prabhudev Konana creates a new methodology to translate just how news and internet discussions impact stock prices and simulates  trading strategy that shows to yield excess returns.

When Helping Hurts the Helpers and How to Avoid It.

Helping a co-worker seems like it would always be, well, helpful, right? That’s not always how it may be received, finds new research from Maryland Smith’s Jennifer Carson Marr. She says it depends on who is offering to help and what kind of help they are offering.

How a Company’s Tweets Impact Its Stock Prices — Temporarily and Permanently

New research from Maryland Smith’s P.K. Kannan shows how a firm’s social media posts have big impacts on its stock price, both temporarily and permanently.

How Your Coworkers’ Morals Can Help You Do the Right Thing.

Highly moral people might always “do the right thing” when it comes to speaking up about wrongdoings and problems in the workplace. But even people who lack that moral compass become more likely to speak up when they see other employees displaying moral messages at work, finds new research from Maryland Smith’s Debra L. Shapiro.

How U.S. Immigration Policies Stifle Immigrant Entrepreneurship

Visa policies in the United States are holding immigrants back from starting new ventures and restricting their employment choices early in their careers, as well as shaping their entrepreneurship later, finds new research from Maryland Smith’s Rajshree Agarwal, director of the Ed Snider Center for Enterprise and Markets.

Do This Before You Hang Out With Friends To Have More Fun.

We know goal-setting meetings can help teams be more productive in the workplace, and, according to research from Maryland Smith’s Rebecca Ratner, they can also help you get the most out of activities in your personal life.

Overconfident Investors Are Creating Momentum. Here’s How To Capitalize On It.

Every investor is chasing the answer to one question: When should I buy stocks and when should I sell them? It’s the elusive formula for timing the market.

Here’s the Best Way To Build a Startup Team

Finding the right team is critical for a startup’s success and most aren’t taking the right approach, finds new Maryland Smith research. With the right strategy – a mix that has founders both liking each other due to shared values and experiences, and having the proper complementary skills and capabilities – startups can foster better team dynamics and have more success raising funds, being productive, and earning profits.


Smith Faculty are in the top 2% of the most cited scholars worldwide.

Launch Extraordinary Careers

Smith’s deep connections to the business community open unmatched opportunities. Advisory Councils keep us actively engaged with industry leaders and experts, who bring their real-world experience to help shape what students learn, match classroom lessons to real-world needs, and widen the pipeline for internship and job opportunities.


Employers that recruited Smith students last year — a number that has grown by 30% since 2019.


Active recruiting partners ready to help you find the perfect next step in your career.

As I moved along the interview ladder, I worked with my career coach to sharpen my responses. My last round of interviews went so well that Amazon offered me a more senior role than I originally applied for

Blanka Thibaud, MBA ’21

Real Estate Transactions Manager


Join Our Diverse, Successful Community

Your success depends on an environment that is as supportive as it is challenging. You’ll feel that support from faculty, staff and your classmates.


African American Students Retention


Female Student Retention


Latinx Student Retention

Diversity means being exposed to different perspectives. If you surround yourself with people who think like you, then you are selling yourself short.

Marc Marshall ’23

Strategy Consultant



All Black Everything MLK Edition

Monday, January 17, 2022
11:00 AM EST
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Wellness Workshop: Managing Imposter Syndrome

Thursday, January 20, 2022
4:00 PM EST
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Wellness Workshop: Managing Imposter Syndrome

Thursday, January 27, 2022
4:00 PM EST
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Experience the Power of the Smith Network

The Smith community extends far beyond the walls of Van Munching Hall. With more than 66,000 alumni globally, and partnerships with prestigious companies, organizations and foundations, you’re never without a connection.

Kevin Plank

Kevin Plank knows what it means to be a game-changer. He transformed the world of sports apparel when he launched Under Armour in 1996.

Read the profile: Following a Vision, Becoming a Game-Changer

Robert G. Hisaoka

Robert G. Hisaoka ’79 believes building a strong business begins with building a strong team through great communication and measuring performance. Over the span of his career, he’s done just that. 

Read the profile: From Autos to Philanthropy, Driven To Make a Difference

Carly Fiorina

When Carly Fiorina, MBA ’80, looks back over the arc of her career, what stands out for her isn’t a single achievement or experience. That’s not what defines her. So what does stand out for her as she looks back?

Read the profile: From Student to CEO, Solving Problems

Welcome from Dean Prabhudev Konana

Welcome to the Robert H Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland!  It is an exciting time to be part of the Maryland Smith community. Located just 7 miles from the White House, we are at the heart of both business and power, with multinational corporations, influential NGOs, massive Federal enterprises and a burgeoning innovation community right in our backyard.

Read the Dean's Welcome

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Info session: The Blockchain Business Imperative

Friday, January 21, 2022
11:00 AM EST
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Admissions, Info Session

Info session: Graduate Certificate in Technology Management

Friday, January 21, 2022
12:00 PM EST
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Alumni Development

Navigating the Government Contracting Universe

Tuesday, January 25, 2022
7:00 PM EST
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