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The QUEST Honors Program relies on individual gifts to support its curriculum and special programs and events. All funds raised go into the endowment that provides direct support for students, academic programs, and co-curricular experiences.


To make a gift by debit or credit card, please visit our online development fund which was established in 2017 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of QUEST.

By Phone

To make a credit card payment by phone, please call Sonja Frazier at 301-405-2449 or the Gift Acceptance Office at 301-955-1280 and indicate that it is for the QUEST 25th Anniversary Development Fund.

By Check

To make a gift to the program by personal check, please make your check payable to the "University of Maryland College Park Foundation," indicate that it is for the QUEST Honors Program 25th Anniversary Fund, and mail it to:

Gift Acceptance Office
4603 Calvert Road
College Park, MD 20740

On behalf of QUEST and the entire University of Maryland community, please accept our sincere thanks for considering making a gift to sponsor QUEST. The program continues to thrive thanks to your generous support.

Gifts in support of the University of Maryland are accepted and managed by the University of Maryland College Park Foundation, Inc., an affiliated 501(c)(3) organization authorized by the Board of Regents. Contributions to the University of Maryland are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Please see your tax advisor for details.

QUEST Donors: 2020-21

Thank You!

QUEST would like to express its sincere gratitude for the generous contributions of the following donors:

Anonymous (8)

Dr. Pamela K. Armstrong

Mr. Chirag Arora

Mr. David Ashley

Mr. Steven P. Asifo

Mr. Joseph J. Ayoub

Mrs. Sumin Ba

Dr. Joseph P. Bailey

Mr. Afzalul Bari

Mr. Mark J. Baumgardner

Mr. Daniel C. Ben-Or

Mr. Dj Biswas

Ms. Sarah Burnett

Mr. Ganesh P. Chandrasekaran

Dr. Zhi-Long Chen

Mr. Ying Chen

Ms. Suehyun K. Cho

Nicole M. Coomber, Ph.D.

Mr. Russell A. Dalin and Mrs. Kimberly D. Dalin

Ms. Nicole L. Dannehower

Brian P. Darmody, Esq.

Ms. Holly N. DeArmond

Ms. Rachel L. DiDonna

Mrs. Valerie D. Evans-Harrell

Mr. Nima Farshchi

Ms. Cathy Flynn

Mrs. Kalika Fortman

Mrs. Jennifer de Frees

Ms. Ebony T. Fullwood

Mr. Ryan K. Ganser

Guodong Gao, Ph.D.

Mr. Santhosh George

Ms. Annesha Goswami

Dr. Philippe E. Gouel and Mrs. Megan DeFauw

Dr. Brian D. Gross and Dr. Mary E. Gross

Mr. Eric X. Hamel

Ms. Shirley Han

Mr. Brian L. Horick

Ms. Elaine Hui

Mr. Anthony Jacques

Mr. Kyu Sung Jang

Dr. Zeinab A. Karake

Mr. Ajay Kasuganti

Ms. Cheryl Katz and Mr. Brad Rosenthal

Mrs. Cornelia Kennedy

Ms. Sophia L. Khezri

Dr. Kylie G. King and Mr. Jason M. King

Mr. Joshua B. Kohn

Mr. Marc R. Kramer

Ms. Manda Kristal

Mr. Daniel J. Laurence

Mr. Knut J. Leipold

Mr. Amit Luthra

Mr. Lawrence J. Macklin and Mrs. Diane K. Macklin

Mr. Sri V. Mandavilli

Mr. Brian Marquardt

Mr. George P. Mavrikes

Mr. Todd A. Metcalfe

Ms. Celine M. Moarkech

Mr. Dennis Morozov

Mr. Joseph O'Keefe

Ms. Terry-Ann Orman

Mrs. Tamara L. Paidas

Mr. Michael Polkowitz and Ms. Laurie Berman-Polkowitz

Mr. Michael I. Pollack and Mrs. Sharon T. Pollack

Mr. Bryan A. Prince

Mr. Jeremy Dillon Prince

Dr. James M. Purtilo

Ms. Karen J. Qi

Mr. Robert M. Rappaport and Mrs. Robin B. Rappaport

Mr. Tuvia C. Rappaport

Ms. Linda Rassenti

Mr. Suhil Rathod

Ms. Megha Reddy

Mrs. Jessica R. Roffe

Mrs. Sheryl A. Rosenstein

Mrs. Indeya T. Samuel

Ms. Vidya Sathyamoorthy

Mr. John G. Savoy

Mr. Randall T. Sawyer

Ms. Alexa J. Schwab

Mr. Brett A. Schwab

Ms. Allison K. Schwarz

Mr. Benjamin M. Seibert

Mr. Cameron N. Shahmirzadi

Mr. Ehsan Shahmirzadi

Ms. M. Brogan Sheehey

Mr. Max L. Shrier

Ms. Mauria Shulman

Ms. Miriam S. Silton

Mr. Bruce A. Spiegel and Ms. Glenda J. Koby

Mr. Drew M. Stasak

Dr. Cynthia K. Stevens

Mr. Roger C. Sturtevant and Mrs. Kathryn C. Sturtevant

Mr. Matthew Thomas

Mr. Rohit Tiwari

Mrs. Melissa H. Turning

Mr. Shreyas Urdhwareshe

Mr. Leonid A. Velikovich

Mr. Michael J. Vetter

Ms. Bing Wang

Ms. Luxi Wang

Mr. Connor S. Welch

Mr. Aaron T. Wertman

Mrs. Nora A. Whitescarver and Mr. Douglas E. Whitescarver

Ms. Laura B. Winn

Mr. Wenyue Wu

Chunhua Yan

Mr. Eric W. Zinnikas

To discuss specific gift opportunities to the QUEST program, please contact
Jessica Roffe, assistant director, at

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