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Social Media Research Round-up

Nov 01, 2011


Look for more big-impact research from Smith faculty in the area of social media. The following working papers are available on SSRN. Contact individual faculty members for more information about their specific area of study.

Working Papers

Are You a Viral Star? Conceptualizing and Modeling Inter Media Virality. Michael Trusov, assistant professor of marketing; Amit Joshi

Building the B[r]and: Using Social Media to Drive Customer Engagement and Sales.Yogesh Joshi assistant professor of marketing; William Rand, assistant professor of marketing and research director of the Center for Complexity in Business;Louiqa Raschid, professor of information systems

Comparing Social Tags to Microblogs. William Rand, Victoria Lai (University of Maryland undergraduate student); Christopher Rajashekar, MBA

Cross-Country Heterogeneity of Attribute Effects in Online Product Reviews Michael Trusov; Reinhold Decker

Differential Adaptive Diffusion: Understanding Diversity and Learning Whom to Trust in Viral Marketing. William Rand, Lise Getoor, Hossam Sharara

A Dynamic Competitive Analysis of Content Production and Link Formation of Internet Content Developers. Liye Ma, assistant professor of marketing

Evolving Viral Marketing Strategies. William Rand; Forrest Stonedahl; Uri Wilensky

Future Link Prediction in the Blogosphere for Recommendation. William RandLouiqa Raschid; Shanchan Wu (doctoral student)

Homophily or Influence? An Empirical Analysis of Purchase within a Social Network. Liye Ma; Ramayya Krishnan; Alan Montgomery

The Informational Value of Social Tags in Predicting Stock Market Returns. Hyoryung Nam; P.K. Kannan, Ralph J. Tyser Professor of Marketing and marketing department chair

Judging Borrowers by the Company They Keep: Social Networks and Adverse Selection in Online Peer-to-Peer Lending. Mingfeng Lin, (doctoral student), Nagpurnanand R. Prabhala, associate professor of finance, Siva Viswanathan, associate professor of information systems and co-director of DIGITS

Listening in on Online Conversations: Measuring Brand Sentiment with Social Media. David Schweidel, Wendy Moe, associate professor of marketing, Chris Boudreaux

Mapping Products on Social Tagging Networks: Insights for Demand Forecast and Pricing Strategy. Hyoryung Nam (doctoral student), William RandP.K. Kannan

Measuring the Value of Social Dynamics in Online Product Rating Forums. Wendy MoeMichael Trusov.

Online Product Opinion: Incidence, Evaluation and Evolution. Wendy Moe, David Schweidel

Predicting Author Blog Channels with High Value Future Posts for Monitoring. William Rand; Louiqa Raschid; Shanchan Wu (doctoral student); Tamer Elsayed

Prediction with Twitter: The Billboard Top 200. Yogesh Joshi; Derek Monner (doctoral student); William Rand

Recommendations in Social Media for Brand Monitoring. William RandLouiqa Raschid; Shanchan Wu

Sequential and Temporal Dynamics of Online Opinion. David Godes, associate professor of marketing; Jose Silva

Signaling Success: Strategically-Positive Word of Mouth. David Godes; Andrea Wojnicki

Social Tag Maps: A New Methodology for Building Brand Associative Networks. Hyoryung Nam; Yogesh JoshiP.K. KannanWilliam Rand

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