Center for Social Value Creation

The Center for Social Value Creation (CSVC) embodies a passionate mission: educate, engage and empower Smith students to create a better world through business. We strive to create a world where businesses operate for the long-term value of both people and planet. Internally, we are the hub of learning for how business is good for society. We represent the Smith school in collaboration with other departments to instill social impact in every sector related to business. Externally, we create future business leaders that will be able to tackle our world’s greatest challenges. These business leaders will shape their organizations to understand the values of both mission and profit.

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We help educate well-rounded students who understand the ways that businesses are evolving. The future includes the integration of social impact, a focus on ESG metrics, a framework around the UN’s sustainable development goals, and the prevalence of B-corporations. We are focused on all Smith students and evolve around society’s new challenges as they arise.


To engage students, we create opportunities to work with faculty and the Smith community to demonstrate how business creates social value, as it has become a core competency for business leaders.


To empower the next generation of business leaders, we educate them on the broad range of issues to be solved locally, nationally, and globally.




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