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Asking This in an Interview Could Cost You the Job

Want to ask about compensation in the interview? Research shows it could cost you

Asking This in an Interview Could Cost You the Job

SMITH BRAIN TRUST  Hiring managers would understandably be unimpressed if you told them you were only in it for the money.

As Fast Company points out in a recent article highlighting research from Maryland Smith’s Rellie Derfler-Rozin, a lot of hiring managers try to hire the job candidates who share Mark Twain’s philosophy on work. That is: “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Of course, the money is important, too. It’s just not a topic that will help your chances of landing the job. In fact, bringing it up to the hiring manager could hurt your chances of getting an offer, Derfler-Rozin finds.

Hiring managers have a significant bias against candidates who ask about pay and perks during interviews, she says, citing her recent research. Managers rate candidates higher when they focus on the job, compared to applicants who also inquire about benefits.

And that’s short-sighted, Derfler-Rozin explains to Fast Company.

“People are complex and can have many motivations when applying for a job, including money and flexibility,” she said.

The findings have broad implications for managers, who may be missing out on the best candidates. They may also be missing an opportunity to hire a diverse workforce, as they bypass candidates from lower economic backgrounds, who are more likely to need money, and women, who are more likely to be concerned with flexible schedules and family-related benefits. Read more at Fast Company: Asking this question during an interview can wreck your shot at getting the job.



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