Snider Enterprise and Leadership Fellows (SELF)

July 19-31, 2020

Applications are now closed. Sign up for our 2020 High School Summer Program interest group.

Rising High School Juniors and Seniors: Come to the Nation’s Capital region to become a Snider Enterprise Fellow.

I quickly learned that succeeding in business is as much about knowing yourself as it is about knowing your discipline.” — Kavon, (SELF Alum)

Accepted high school applicants will spend two weeks alongside other top innovative students. They will learn the value of business in society and develop the enterprise and leadership skills that underpin personal happiness and upward mobility.

Fellows will reside on the University of Maryland campus, attend challenging classes taught by faculty and staff of the Smith School of Business and have the opportunity to directly apply what they learn during the fellowship. Classroom sessions are designed to focus on preparing students to embrace the challenge of solving real-world problems by using an entrepreneurial mindset and to expose young people to concepts that go beyond economics and business and are tied to a life philosophy rooted in self-reliance.

The two-week fellowship culminates in a team-based competition where fellows will get hands-on experience pitching ideas to industry professionals. They also participate in co-curricular activities such as company site visits and on/off campus excursions throughout the National Capital Region. SELF equips fellows with a solid foundation for college and empowers them to make informed decisions about the future. Snider Enterprise Fellows take their place in a growing network of innovative and entrepreneurial student leaders.

This is the time to discover the “why” of your life and learn the mindsets and tools that will create deep personal fulfillment and self-confidence. That’s the best preparation for success in any career! — Dr. Rajshree Agarwal, Director, Ed Snider Center for Enterprise and Markets