Snider Enterprise and Leadership Fellows (SELF)

As we at the University of Maryland continue to manage the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic presents for our summer activities, we want to communicate with you that to ensure the safety of SELF faculty, staff, and participants the 2020 Snider Enterprise & Leadership Fellows (SELF) program will be moved to virtual delivery.

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“My favorite part about SELF was being able to experience what college life is like for a UMD student.” — Gabriela Winter (SELF alum)

Learn about leadership, teamwork, innovation and entrepreneurship at SELF, a summer program for high school juniors and seniors.

SELF Fellows

SELF fellows

  • Learn from top business leaders, professors and other students.
  • Test creative ideas and receive feedback from industry experts.
  • Gain a competitive edge by solving real-world problems under the guidance of industry leaders.
  • Network with current and future thought leaders


SELF is a popular and unique summer program that accepts applications from innovative and motivated high school students from across the country and across disciplines.

“I quickly learned that succeeding in business is as much about knowing yourself as it is about knowing your discipline.” — Kavon (SELF alum)

SELF fellows

The 2020 SELF fellows will spend two weeks virtually connecting to the University of Maryland by attending workshops and classes taught by top faculty at the Smith School of Business. They proactively apply what they learn to real-world problems while gaining a better understanding of the entrepreneurial mindset.

Fellows are introduced to a life philosophy rooted in self-reliance and self-discovery. They also learn the value of business in society as they develop enterprise and leadership skills that enable personal happiness and upward mobility. All while forging friendships that will last through and beyond college.

“The value of SELF doesn’t end after the summer is over.” — Sarah Lodder (SELF alum)

"This is the time to discover the “why” of your life and learn the mindsets and tools that will create deep personal fulfillment and self-confidence. That’s the best preparation for success in any career!" — Rajshree Agarwal, Director, Ed Snider Center for Enterprise and Markets

SELF is founded and presented by the Ed Snider Center for Enterprise and Markets

Ed Snider Center for Enterprise and Markets

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