Webinar: Real Estate Investing 201

Now, more than ever, people are investing in real estate. It is a great way to save for retirement, develop passive income, and makes for good general financial planning. On its own, real estate offers cash flow, tax breaks, equity building, competitive risk-adjusted returns, and a hedge against inflation. Real estate can also enhance a portfolio by lowering volatility through diversification, whether you invest in physical properties or REITs. Typically, that focus is only given to residential properties.

The Maryland Smith Young Alumni Council would like to offer Real Estate 201 - something a little different for those looking to learn about, and one day become, investors. Hear the career stories of Aèkeam Awad '10, Eugene Poverni, MBA '10, and Scott Johnson who have had great success in residential and commercial real estate investment. The conversation will be moderated by Terri Jarboe-Farri '91, MBA '19, who specializes in residential and commercial real estate. After hearing these stories, attendees will have the tools needed to make an informed decision about what level of investment is right for you.





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