What's the Best Time to Launch a Video Game?

Research from the Robert H. Smith School of Business, at the University of Maryland, offers new insight into the strategies companies should use to maximize sales of their games: In general, study finds, companies ought to weigh the tradeoffs between reaching early adopters of game consoles, who purchase more content (and more-sophisticated content), and later adopters, who buy less but who over time make up more and more of the population of console owners. Read more...

Why You Should Dine Out Alone

Why are so many people reluctant to go to the movies or dinner alone? The existence of this inhibition is widely known, but its underpinnings have been subjected to surprisingly little scientific scrutiny — until now. Research by Rebecca Ratner, a marketing professor and assistant dean for academic affairs at the Smith School, sheds new light on the psychology of solo consumerism.

Coming Soon: A Social Media Tool to Predict Elections

The big winner of Tuesday’s Democratic presidential debate — at least in the Twitterverse — wasn't even on the stage. Republican frontrunner Donald Trump gained 60,000 followers with his live tweets during the event. But does it matter? Smith School professor Wendy W. Moe and a colleague from the University of Maryland journalism school are developing a tool to help make sense of social media data. Read more...


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