The Center for Social Value Creation prepares future business leaders to be a driving force for economic, social and environmental prosperity. Through courses, programs, and industry collaborations our students learn the importance of advancing the bottom line, and also the world. Our lunch & learn series connects students to industry thought leaders, facilitates genuine dialogue and helps to foster real-world connections. Our skills workshop series equips students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to employ the principles for better business framework in the real-world. And, our spring convening delivers engaging speakers, cutting edge industry insights, and networking opportunities via a day-long conference held right here at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Research Impact Fellowship (RIF)

The Center for Social Value Creation is seeking to provide students with an intellectually stimulating environment and expose students to business research through the Research Impact Fellowship program. Under the guidance of expert faculty and industry guest speakers, students will be able to research on topics, including but not limited to:

  • Corporate Governance
  • Climate Change
  • Impact Finance and ESG
  • Supply Chain and Circularity
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
  • COVID-19 Impact/Relief
  • Ethical Autonomous Systems & Technology

This is a 10-week multi-disciplinary program and rising sophomore to senior candidates from all backgrounds, including business, economics, social and behavioral sciences, computer science, mathematics, statistics, and engineering are encouraged to apply. Please note we do not provide lab space for research. Students must also be willing to dedicate 8-10 hours per week to the program.

Each fellow is awarded a $650 stipend, including a publication to the CSVC Journal of Social Value Creation Theory. This fellowship will provide mentoring, networking, and enrichment opportunities through a faculty mentor, fellow program participants, and professionals in the corporate workforce. Final presentations will occur in early August.

10-week Program Timeline:

  1. Week 1 (6/14 – 6/18): Program Introduction
  2. Week 2 (6/21 – 6/25): Workshop: Introduction & Literature Review
  3. Week 3 (6/28 – 7/2): Introduction/Literature Review Completion
  4. Week 4 (7/5 – 7/9): Workshop: Methodology/Procedure
  5. Week 5 (7/12 – 7/16): Continue Methodology Work
  6. Week 6 (7/19 – 7/23): Workshop: Faculty-Led
  7. Week 7 (7/26 – 7/30): Research: Discussion/Conclusion
  8. Week 8 (8/2 – 8/6): Preparation for Final Conference
  9. Week 9 (8/9 – 8/13): Workshop: Career Services
  10. Week 10 (8/16): Grand Challenges Symposium
    The Grand Challenges Symposium is a fully remote conference for fellows to present and discuss the innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions to their research topics. It also provides a premier interdisciplinary platform for student researchers, expert faculty, and the Coalition for Better Business to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects in the fields of the Research Impact Fellowship. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Joanna Ihm at

Impact Consulting Fellowship

This is an exciting consulting opportunity for both organizations and students at all levels of study! This opportunity opens applications to the public at the start of the fall, spring, and summer sessions. The Impact Consulting Fellowship is a two-month-long remote project open to all undergraduate, MBA, doctoral, and master’s students at the University of Maryland. This opportunity is open to non-profit organizations, B Corporations, and for-profit impact-driven organizations.

There will be approximately a 2-hour weekly commitment from organizations to engage with the students on the project. There is a 10-15 hour weekly commitment for students.

Past Impact Consulting Fellowship Insights

For the past three iterations, ICF has been able to provide nearly 30,000 hours of pro-bono consulting services to 44 Maryland and UMD alumni-led impact-driven organizations. We have had teams of nearly 300 students (MBA, master’s, and undergraduate), and 44 alumni advisors.

The fall session starts in October, the spring session starts in February, and the summer session starts in the month of June!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Soda Lo at

CSVC/BSE Case Competition

The joint endeavor between the Center for Social Value Creation (CSVC) and the Business, Society, and the Economy College (BSE) Park Scholars is aimed at creating a case competition event to benefit BSE students in…

  1. Providing early exposure to case competitions, their composition/design, the necessary research/preparations to be done, etc.
  2. Provide BSE freshmen, early on in their college experience, the necessary foundation to begin thinking about corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and other similar topics through their exploration of the subjects highlighted in this case competition.

There will be three rooms (to represent three different industries) and, within each room, four groups (to represent four different companies) – for a total of twelve teams.

Please note: The industries/companies below are merely suggestions. If there are other industries/companies that better reflect the BSE curriculum, the necessary changes can be made to showcase that.

  • Industry One: Technology
    Facebook, Netflix, Apple, Google
  • Industry Two: Energy
    Shell, BP, Exelon, Duke Energy
  • Industry Three: Fashion
    Nike, Kering, Adidas, LVMH

Within the industries, each team will be assigned to a company. The students will conduct research on:

  • Company practices:
    • Responsible business practices
    • Priorities established in their annual reports
  • Industry evaluations:
    • Overall industry ratings on different issues
    • Present a SWOT analysis of your specific industry
  • Recommendations:
    • To improve internal practices,
    • To benefit people and the planet,
    • With little impact on shareholders

This research will be conducted in a framework of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria.

There will effectively be three separate case competitions simultaneously occurring; one in each room. The winner within each room will NOT be decided upon based on what team was assigned a company that, by a pure stroke of luck, already implements socially responsible initiatives. Rather, the judges will be asked to consider.

  • Presentation skills
  • Depth of research
  • Clarity and feasibility of recommendations

The winners from each room (industry) will, the following week, present in a final round where their first-year classmates will vote for the first, second, and third-place teams.

In both rounds of the competition, teams will have 10 minutes to present, followed by a 5-minute Q&A session.

  1. Demonstrate a clear understanding of why (or why not) social impact is a core competency of their business.
  2. Showcase clear evidence of research into both the industry that the business is within, as well as possible allies and/or competitors.
  3. Display and examine evidence of how the company actively incorporates social responsibility and impact into their product/service.
  4. Provide deep and thorough analysis of steps that the company has previously done (if any) to address social responsibility in their industry.
  5. Research and showcase at least three actionable next steps for industry members to take.
  6. Display creativity, professionalism and, ease of understanding in both the design of the slides as well as the actual presentation itself.
  7. Exhibit each member of the team has equally contributed to the project and presentation.
August 31
Confirmation of all the judges
October 20 Case competition introduction, featuring Nima Farschi’s lesson on CSR, ESG, SDG, etc.
First-year teams are matched with a second-year “mentor”
November 3 No class session
First years to meet with second years for presentation advice & feedback
November 4 Deadline for a proposal/idea.
November 10 Virtual case competition – first round
November 17 Case competition – final round

Impact Ambassadors

Undergraduates at the Robert H. Smith School of Business are eligible to become impact ambassadors for the Center for Social Value Creation. Through this resume-building, co-curricular experience students gain leadership visibility, network with industry professionals, engage with like-minded peers, develop career-long relationships, and work directly with the center's leadership to advance its mission. Throughout fall and spring semesters impact ambassadors will:

  • Work directly with center leadership to advance the mission
  • Champion CSVC’s 'Five Principles for Better Business'
  • Co-facilitate signature programming and events
  • Conduct interviews with industry partners and select alumni
  • Be recognized as leaders committed to social value and social responsibility

Toshiki AburakiToshiki Aburaki
Operations Management & Business Analytics, Information Systems

Toshiki Aburaki is a junior majoring in operations management & business analytics and information systems. Being a part of the Social Innovation fellows program has flourished his passion for finding ways to give back and provide constructive influence on society. He currently works at the Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy as a baseball coach, where he enjoys helping kids grow and guiding them to become the best players they can be. In the future, he hopes to excel in the baseball industry as well as to start a social venture.

Jack LincolnJack Lincoln
Finance And Marketing Double Major

Jack Lincoln is a senior at the Smith School of Business, majoring in finance & marketing. He joined the Center for Social Value Creation in order to create a positive impact on the University of Maryland’s campus and to help the university continue its goal of growth in areas such as environmental sustainability, inclusion, and student opportunities. In his career, he hopes to take his knowledge gained from the business school and apply it to a social entrepreneurship setting that is focused on solving real-world issues. In his free time, Lincoln enjoys playing sports and investing in the stock market.

Neha MundraNeha Mundra
Full-Time MBA

Neha Mundra is an MBA candidate at the University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business with a career concentration in marketing. Prior to business school, she worked in product innovation and market strategy in the recycling and sustainability sector in India. Design thinking as her forte, Mundra developed products and services that enabled 100% recycling and enhanced community development. Having a background in computer engineering, Mundra strongly believes in making an impact by blending technology and data-driven decision making with purpose. Her love for books and entrepreneurial spirit got her working with her writer friend on the marketing of his published work. Mundra loves to try out new outdoor activities. If you ever want to go for a good hike or yoga session, she is your person.

Isabella RoccograndiIsabella Roccograndi
Marketing Major, Leadership Studies Minor

Isabella Roccograndi is a senior in the Smith School of Business, majoring in marketing with a minor in leadership studies. She has a passion for graphic design, living a healthy lifestyle, and sustainability. Her favorite sustainable development goal (SDG) is goal 5: gender equality. She devoted her junior year to conducting a year-long social action plan on increasing awareness on campus to women’s representation in the media through sports. She is perusing her master’s at the University of Maryland next year and is confident her involvement in the Center for Social Value Creation will have a positive impact on her future career.

Lily XiaoLily Xiao
Finance and Operations Management & Business Analytics

Lily Xiao is a rising senior in the Smith School double majoring in finance and operations management & business analytics with a minor in nonprofit leadership & social innovation. Through the nonprofit minor and participation in Cohort 10 of the Social Innovation fellows program, Xiao plans to pursue a career where her passion for social innovation intersects with finance and data analytics. In her future career, she hopes to make a positive social impact on the world by helping companies implement sustainable development goals (SDGs) into their business models and helping companies understand the importance of social impact. Over the past two years, Xiao was a business consultant with MZZ Ventures, providing pro-bono consulting services to DelChris Africa, an agricultural startup in Ghana. On campus, she serves on the executive board for the Food Recovery Network and has volunteered with Terps for Change in the past. Outside of academics, she enjoys traveling, exploring new cities and trying foods from different cultures.

Noah Alviti Noah Alviti, Finance and Management

Noah is a sophomore at the Smith School of Business, majoring in Finance & Management. He joined the Center for Social Value Creation as an opportunity to give back to future generations of Terps, make a difference, and create a better future for those who will follow behind him. In his career, he hopes to benefit communities worldwide, and in his free time he plays sports and loves to read. 

Fun fact about Noah: During his freshman year at Smith he finished a project that he began three years earlier: creating a new multi-purpose turf field in his hometown to honor a friend who had passed away. Over the three years he worked on the project, Noah worked with town politicians, engineers, land surveyors, and many different companies to fundraise over $150,000 and achieved the goal.” 

Aimee Brennan Aimee Brennan, Business Management and Marketing

Aimee is a Junior in the Smith School studying Business Management and Marketing. Aimee has always wanted to have a career that would give back to not only her community in a local aspect but in a global aspect as well. She sees the Center for Social Value Creation as the perfect platform for her to bring her education in business and desire to have social impact together in harmony. In her future career, she hopes to be able to make the world a better place through business with addressing social challenges in companies. In her free time, you will find Aimee in the gym powerlifting or enjoying episodes of The Office. 

Fun Fact about Aimee: She is fluent in American Sign Language. 

Abbey CercielloAbbey Cerciello, Information Systems and Operations Management & Business Analytics 

Abbey is a senior in the Smith School studying Information Systems and Operations Management & Business Analytics with a minor in Sustainability. As a Social Innovation Fellows Cohort 8 alum, Abbey was able to narrow her passions into the intersection between social innovation, healthcare, and technology. Abbey plans to begin her career as a Technology Consultant at PwC after graduation in their Healthcare Advisory Practice and eventually work her way into a career in population health analytics. She enjoys traveling and recently completed a short-term study abroad focused on Smart Cities and Sustainable City Development in Prague, the Czech Republic this past summer. In her free time, you can find Abbey running meetings as the President of Alpha Kappa Psi, playing intramural soccer with friends, or reading a good book with a cup of tea. 

Daniel HartingDaniel Harting, Supply Chain Management & Marketing 

Dan is a junior in the Smith School majoring in Supply Chain Management and Marketing. After graduation, he hopes to take the skills he learns through the Center for Social Value Creation and apply them to the business world, bringing about impactful and lasting change. Dan is particularly passionate about fighting climate change and empowering leaders who act with purpose and integrity. In addition to being an Impact Ambassador, Dan is also actively involved in the Supply Chain Management Society. Outside of school, you will likely find Dan on an adventure with his golden retriever, Brodie.

Qibin JinQibin Jin, Finance

Qibin Jin is junior majoring in finance. Four years ago, he joined a program sponsored by the non-profit organization WYVS (World Youth Value Society). After that, he realized the importance of helping others. After the program, he became part of the organization and became in charge of the Maryland chapter. At the same time, he build his leadership, team-work skills, and social value mindset.  

Dhivyan KarunakaranDhivyan Karunakaran, Finance & Information Systems 

Dhivyan Karunakaran is a junior majoring in finance and information systems. Three years ago, he co-founded TeCanal, a charitable nonprofit organization that provides technology and STEM education to children in low-income communities in Baltimore. Over the past two years, Dhivyan has been a nonprofit consultant for CSVC’s Change The World Consulting program. Last summer, he was as a Student Programs Intern at the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship. Currently, Dhivyan serves as a teaching assistant for a business course called “How Do Innovators Think.” Next summer, Dhivyan will be a Risk Advisory Intern at Ernst & Young (EY). 

Florina LamFlorina Lam, Accounting & Finance 

Florina Lam is a freshman studying Accounting and Finance. She is passionate about creating social and environmental change and has seen firsthand the positive impact a business can have through her internships with a nonprofit, the YMCA. As an Impact Ambassador, she hopes to spread that passion to her peers. In her free time, Florina loves reading fiction novels and drinking bubble tea. 

Hannah Shraim Hannah Shraim, Business Management

Hannah Shraim is a junior majoring in Business Management and planning to minor in Law and Society. She is an avid advocate for social justice and sees the Impact Ambassadors program as a tool to bridge the junction between business ventures and social change. Hannah hopes to utilize her career as a future businesswoman and lawyer to address economic and social inequalities through innovative, intersectional approaches. You can find Hannah watching The Office and making YouTube videos in her spare time. 

Hannah’s fun fact: “I know four languages – French, Arabic, Spanish, and English – and I’m planning to add Mandarin Chinese soon!” 

Shyama Srikkanth Shyama Srikkanth, Environmental Science & Policy and Operations Management & Business Analytics

Shyama is a senior pursuing a dual-degree in Environmental Science & Policy and Operations Management & Business Analytics. She has attended the Social Enterprise Symposium since her freshman year, which sparked her interest in utilizing business to drive environmental change. She has studied abroad in St Andrews, Scotland, where she worked with the International Energy Justice Council to promote the concept of a Just Energy Transition for developing nations. In summer 2018, Shyama was trained to be a Climate Reality Leader by Al Gore and the Climate Reality Project and is working to communicate the importance of solving the climate crisis. 

Amulya Uppala Amulya Uppala, Finance

Amulya is a junior in the Smith School, majoring in Finance. She hopes to use the skills and knowledge she gains to improve financial inclusion and education opportunities for women in India. This past summer, Amulya interned with the TechMahindra Foundation in India, working to improve the quality of government schools in the city of Hyderabad. In her free time, she enjoys photography, experimenting in the kitchen, and dragging her friends to go to the gym. 

Ramya VemuriRamya Vemuri, Finance & Marketing 

Ramya Vemuri is a junior majoring in Finance and Marketing while taking supplementary film courses. Ramya worked as a Product and Content Development Intern over the summer with Cybrary, an online platform with over 2 million users that provides free and open source cyber security training, in Greenbelt, Maryland. Through this internship, she developed a passion for producing content that is founded on the principles of a strong call to action. This is precisely why I want to use media as a platform to share important stories, knowledge, concepts and ideas, particularly in the worlds of finance and business. She is also involved on campus as a Teaching Assistant for BMGT 364: Managing People and Organizations as well as in her sorority Delta Gamma. Outside of academics, Ramya enjoys watching films and exploring new cities and cultures. 

Odette YangOdette Yang, Finance 

Odette Yang is a freshman majoring in Finance at the Smith School. She hopes to use her experience to improve environmental sustainability and business ethics by being involved in social enterprise. On campus, she is active in her Honors Humanities community as a Social Media Intern and is working on a research team to build windmills on campus! Odette loves to lift and play the ukulele in her free time. 

Deanna YiDeanna Yi, Marketing 

Deanna Yi is a freshman in the Smith School majoring in Marketing. She hopes to further enrich and strengthen her knowledge within the business world as she is involved in the Business, Society, and the Economy College Park Scholars Program. She is also excited to meet new people and participate within the various clubs and organizations in the Smith School and throughout UMD in general. In her free time, Deanna enjoys hiking, photography, or working with children and spends much of her free time volunteering in her community in order to do. Deanna’s Fun Fact: Last year, I had the chance to go hang gliding at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. It was an amazing feeling being able to glide across the air although I was afraid to start at first. I recommend it to anyone who is even a little bit interested!

Huw Ball, Operations Management & Business Analytics | Sustainability Studies

Huw BallHuw is a Junior in the Smith School studying Operations Management & Business Analytics and Marketing. In his career, Huw hopes to utilize his business background to help bring sustainable and environmentally conscious solutions to businesses through sustainability consulting or working in the renewable energy field. In his free time, you will find Huw enjoying the outdoors or engaging in a little bit of amateur photography. Learn more about Huw in this featured web story!

Huw’s Fun Fact: “Last fall I ran a marathon! It was really, really hard but a cool accomplishment!”

Liza Curcio-Rudy, Finance | Global Poverty

Liza Curcio-RudyLiza Curcio-Rudy is a junior in the Smith school majoring in Finance and minoring in Global Poverty. Her interest in social enterprise was catalyzed by her experience as a Social Innovation Fellow in cohort 7. Since then, Liza has interned with the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs, a network of organizations that propel entrepreneurship in emerging markets, and Illumen Capital, an impact investing fund dedicated to reducing bias in financial markets. On campus, Liza is involved in organizations such as the Food Recovery Network and Maryland Images Campus Tour Guides. Learn more about Liza in this featured web story!

What Liza hopes to gain from being an Impact Ambassador: “As an impact ambassador in the Center for Social Value Creation, I'm looking forward to cultivating a strong network of impact-oriented Terps and working with my peers to help more students get involved in social enterprise. I'm currently working on building an impact investing platform in Smith, so I'm hopeful that this position will give me the experience of building something impactful from the ground up.”

Fasika Delessa, Business Management

Fasika DelessaFasika is a proud Marylander, by way of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, from where her family resettled nearly 20 years ago. At Smith, she has been involved in the Center for Social Value Creation since her freshman year, a place she calls home because of its "intersection between social impact, public service, and business." Fasika is a Social Innovation Fellow alum, coffee-lover, reader, and loyal c-span viewer. Learn more about Fasika in this featured web story!

What Fasika hopes to gain from being an Impact Ambassador: “I want to Connect more with the Center for Social Value Creation, and help more students become involved and share all I've learned over the years. Show that all sectors need to be involved in the fight for social justice!”

Kara Gordon, Supply Chain Management & Marketing | Sustainability Studies

Kara GordonKara Gordon is a junior majoring in Supply Chain Management and Marketing with a minor in Sustainability Studies. Kara worked as a Procurement Analyst over the summer with Siemens Building Technologies in Beltsville, Maryland. She also has experience in her field through involvement in the executive boards of both the Supply Chain Management Society and terpAMA. In addition, she is involved with other organizations on campus such as the College Park Scholars Program Business, Society and the Economy as well as her sorority Delta Gamma. Outside of academics, Kara enjoys cooking and traveling with friends. Learn more about Kara in this featured web story!

Clubs and organizations with which Kara is involved: Supply Chain Management Society, terpAMA, Delta Gamma, College Park Scholars: Business, Society and the Economy.

Sarina Haryanto, Supply Chain Management | Sustainability Studies

Sarina HaryantoSarina Haryanto is a senior majoring in supply chain management and minoring in sustainability studies. During her freshman year, she attended the Social Enterprise Symposium where she was inspired to learn more about social change. Sarina loves exploring creativity and supporting students through her work with the Academy for Innovation and Entrepreneurship as a Peer Innovation Coach. Her experiential learning experiences through Social Innovation Fellows, QUEST and Innovo Scholars has cultivated her interest in "education supply chain." Learn more about Sarina in this featured web story!

What keeps Sarina’s attention outside of school: “I enjoy reading books (currently reading A World of Three Zeros: The New Economics of Zero Poverty, Zero Unemployment, and Zero Net Carbon Emissions by Muhammad Yunus) and I love dance fitness and attending Daybreaker events!

Social Innovation Fellows

The Social Innovation Fellows (SIF) program immerses students in the role of entrepreneurship — and intrapreneurship — in driving positive social and environmental change through business. Students interact with social enterprises and nonprofit organizations to learn first-hand how individuals and companies can employ business principles to advance social, environmental and economic prosperity.

The program features a social entrepreneurship challenge, a crash course in lean startup methodology, an introduction to stakeholder theory, a blueprint project for social change, and an interactive consulting experience. Co-curricular programming that includes site visits, guest speakers and conferences complement the program and help students develop skills in the areas of sustainability, social enterprise and organizational structure, entrepreneurship, impact investing, impact measurement, and corporate social responsibility.

Students leave the program with a resume-building consulting engagement or venture experience, and a deep understanding of how to affect issues of social and environmental importance through organizations both large and small. This is a highly interactive, experiential and dynamic program.

David Kirsch is the faculty champion for this program.

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