6th Global Conference on Creating Value

October 19-21, 2023

Robert H. Smith School of Business
7621 Mowatt Ln, College Park, MD 20742

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Registration Cost: $500

In the Sixth Global Conference on Creating Value, business leaders/practitioners and leading academics from around the world will come together to exchange views, and to share and learn from each other regarding the problems, the potential, and the real-life uses of value creation, and how it can transform management, organizations, and institutions.

The conference will provide relaxed, meaningful, and purposeful opportunities to talk about the latest thinking on value creation and service for improving the worth of companies, their longevity, their ability to be ahead of and tackle disruptive forces, and to embed a value creation leadership style going far beyond traditional and functional management so as to engender a value creation mindset and avoiding value destruction in the future.

All events will be held in Van Munching Hall in the same wing. There will be a shuttle from the hotel to the location.


Hope to learn from what is presented. Value has been our mantra for decades and the research we are doing is quite interesting to document it.

Dave Ulrich

Global Committee Members

  • Ayman Bootwala, Administrator
  • Karina Burgdorff-Jensen
  • Cihan Cobanogulu
  • Nima Farschi, Global Co-Chair
  • Sertan Kabadayi
  • Youji Kohda, Asia Co-Chair
  • V. Kumar
  • Gautam Mahajan, Global Co-Chair
  • Martijn Rademakers
  • Edyta Rudawska, Europe Chair
  • Jay Shah, Asia Co-Chair

Asia Committee Members

  • Mohamed AlTajer
  • Beena Augustine
  • Raj Bhattarai, Co-Chair
  • Tejpavan Gandhok
  • Joseph Haldane
  • Youji Kohda
  • Katsuhiko Kokubu
  • Payal Kumar
  • RSS Mani
  • Jay Shah, Co-Chair
  • Hisashi Tamaki

Americas Committee Members

  • Raul Amigo, Chair
  • Monica Borgida
  • Marcelo Chanis
  • Cihan Cobanogulu
  • Lucio Lescano Duncan
  • John Goodman
  • Sertan Kabadayi
  • Alberto Levy
  • Diane Magers
  • Edyta Rudawska
  • Scott Sampson
  • Javier Silva
  • Can Uslay
  • Victor Venancio
  • Art Weinstein

Europe Committee Members

  • Alice Alessandro
  • Fatiha Boukouyen
  • Roberto Bruni
  • Karina Burgdorff-Jensen
  • Moshe Davidow, Chair
  • Paolo De Angeli
  • Denis Harrington
  • Linda Hollebeek
  • Thomas Kolster
  • Naoko Komori
  • Luis Lages
  • Hamilton Mann
  • Rademakers Martijn
  • Francisco Javier Navarro Meneses
  • Barbara Mróz-Gorgoń
  • Fathi Tlatli
  • Marco Tregua
  • Orlando Troisi
  • Paul Verdin
  • Anna Visvizi
  • Alan Willians


Thursday, October 19

Friday, October 20

Saturday, October 21

Keynote Speakers

Phil Kotler
Renowned Marketing Guru, USA
Topic: Value Creation in Business

V. Kumar
Former Editor, Journal of Marketing
Goodman Academic-Industry Partnership Professor, Brock University, Canada
Topic: Value Dominant Logic: Organizational Principles
Book Release: Value Dominant Logic

Roland Rust
University of Maryland, USA
Topic: The Feeling Economy: Managing in the Next Generation of AI


Daniel Aronson
Valutus, USA
Topic: The Value of Values: How Acting on Values Makes Businesses and Leaders More Successful.

Amrita Dass
Founder Director, Institute for Career Studies, India
Topic: Reimagining Education Centered in Value Creation in an AI Driven Globalized World

Moshe Davidow
University of Haifa
Associate Editor, Journal of Creating Value, Israel
Topic: Value Creation Made Easy: Five Steps Towards Implementing a Powerful Organizational Culture

Susan Dennett
Director at Florida Atlantic University
Topic: Value Creation Education Platform

Dharna Dhamija
Senior Director, Tata Sons, USA
Topic: Creating Value for the Long Term: The Tata Way

John Goodman
Vice Chair, Customer Care Measurement and Consulting, USA
Panel Session: Creating Value in Business

Karin Hurt
CEO, Let’s Grow Leaders, USA
Topic: Courageous Cultures: How to Build Teams of Micro-Innovators, Problem-Solvers and Customer Advocates

Othmar Mueller von Blumencron
EVP of VIPDeskConnect
Panel Session: Creating Value in Business

Bill Price
Former Global VP for Customer Value, Amazon
President, Driva Systems, USA
Topic: How Frictionless Organizations Drive Sustained Customer Value

Holger Schmidt
Professor, Koblenz University, Germany
Topic: Can Brands Save the World? The Destructive and Healing Power of Attraction.

Hisashi Tamaki
Department of Information Science, Kobe University, Japan
Topic: Value Creation: Systemics Viewpoint

Salim Uddin
Assistant Vice President, Hughes Systique Corporation
Panel Session: Creating Value in Business

Victor Venancio
Director of Digital Solutions Latin America – Samson Group
Topic: Digital Transformation Strategies Creating Value for Industrial Organizations

Thank you to Hughes Systique for sponsoring and donating the books releases.

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