Maryland Smith Marketing Professor Wins Top Research Award

Research from Michael Trusov, a marketing professor at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business, was recognized by the American Marketing Association’s Consumer Behavior Special Interest Group (CBSIG) with the 2020 Consumer Research in Practice Award. The award recognizes a scholarly research article that contributes significantly to marketing practice.

Do Social Media Users Do More Online Shopping?

SMITH BRAIN TRUST – As our social lives increasingly flow from the real world to the online world, does it logically follow that, eventually, our shopping habits will flow that way as well? Or are our online social pursuits likely to make us too busy to spend time on shopping?

Winners and Losers in Google's Widening Ad Crisis

SMITH BRAIN TRUST — With Google gripped by a spiraling ad boycott as companies protest having their content posted alongside extremist YouTube videos, the search giant's competitors might be spotting an opportunity. Already a fresh focus has turned to the "upfronts," the annual New York City ritual in which TV networks make pitches for long-term contracts with major brands and advertising agencies based on expected audiences. And experts at the University of Maryland's Robert H.

Escaping the Groupon Curse for Restaurants

SMITH BRAIN TRUST -- Restaurants often come across as desperate when they offer Groupon-style deals, but a new study from the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business suggests that certain types of venues can escape the damage to their reputations. That's because the negative effect tends to be concentrated on restaurants at lower price points.

Marketing Faculty Honored

The Smith School’s marketing department combines leading scholars who have had profound influence on the discipline with young scholars showing great promise and potential for impact. Two faculty members recently received major awards.

Smith Marketing Department Attracts Top Talent

Smith’s marketing department has successfully recruited several active assistant professors over the past three years. Michael Trusov, who received his PhD from UCLA’s Anderson School of Management in 2007, studies Internet social networks and online word of mouth and has received several awards and mentions for his publications. Yogesh Joshi, a 2007 graduate of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, has already

WOM vs. traditional marketing

Research by Michael Trusov

How to Find the Right Influencers

Influence is happening at all levels across social networks online and marketers are scrambling to figure out the best people to target to spread their messages. New research has a better way to find them.

Reversing the Groupon Effect

New research points to when Groupon deals don't signal weakness and when they benefit businesses. in business strategy.

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