Smith Research

Breaking Down the Effects of Speaking Up
Journal of Applied Psychology
Encouraging team members to voice their constructive opinions and concerns about work-related issues leads to performance and safety gains, according to new Smith School research.
Feb 13, 2018
A Hands-off Approach To Creativity
Journal of Organizational Behavior
How does leadership — and leadership style — affect the origin of creativity in work environments? New Smith School research takes a closer look.
Feb 12, 2018
When Finding the Right Words Pays Off
Journal of Marketing Research
The Smith School's Michael Trusov, associate professor of marketing, proposes a two-part approach to help advertisers gauge how well their paid search ads are performing.
Feb 08, 2018
Why Mood Matters in the Workplace
Academy of Management Review
Emotions and moods play into an organization’s overall climate, and that climate affects big-picture organizational relationship-building, productivity, creativity and reliability performance.
Feb 05, 2018
The Cross Section of Commodity Returns
Management Science
What’s the most useful way to look at commodity prices? A team of Smith School researchers sought to answer that question by examining commodity futures returns over a 42-year period.
Jan 29, 2018
Market Research for the Hashtag Era
Journal of Marketing
Social tags are the keywords that users create as they discuss or categorize topics on social media. And they can offer valuable insights into consumers’ perceptions of products and brands.
Jan 24, 2018
Linking Social Networks and Innovation
Journal of Applied Psychology
Our connections influence how innovative we are at work. The network of your “alters” — the people you turn to for problem-solving advice — can also help you become more creative.
Jan 23, 2018
Understanding the Numbers Game
Operations Research
When simulating complex systems, getting the numbers right can be tricky. In new Smith School research, Michael Fu explores methodologies that can help streamline that process.
Jan 18, 2018

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