May 18, 2021

Webinar: The Pitfalls of a Zero-Sum Mindset

Rellie Derfler-Rozin, Associate Professor, Management & Organization

Does she work for the money/perks OR because she likes the job? Will they be winning OR will we be winning? Should we follow the rules OR should we be creative? These questions reflect how we, as humans, tend to think, in many cases in a Zero-Sum, Either-Or fashion. Although people’s motives are complex, we tend to simplify how we think about their motivation to do work. Though negotiations allow for ample opportunities to create win-win situations, in many cases we think about them as a win-lose situation. And though one can be creative while still being ethical, we often tend to associate creativity with deviant rule-breaking. In this webinar, we will discuss research that exemplifies under which conditions people are more likely to adopt a zero-sum mindset (in hiring, negotiations, creativity) and will discuss potential practical implications to resist and combat such mindsets.





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