Extreme Weather Events in 2023: A Harbinger of Accelerating Climate Risk or Unusual Weather Patterns?

In this webinar, our three expert panelists will discuss some of the recent extraordinary weather events around the US from Maui's wildfires, drought in the western US, severe weather in the southeast to flooding in the northeast. NOAA's Chief Scientist, Dr. Sarah Kapnick, along with Professor Tim Canty from the University of Maryland's Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Dept. and Dr. Bob Brammer, SERC Executive Risk Fellow will provide insights on what's driving these extreme events and how we should be thinking about their relationship to long-term climate change. The panel will also explore the intersection of science and risk mitigation actions to address extreme weather risk on the private sector, governments and communities.


  • Sarah Kapnick, Chief Scientist, NOAA
  • Bob Brammer, Board of Visitors, College of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences
  • Tim Canty, Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, University of Maryland

Moderator: Cliff Rossi, Director of SERC




Virtual (Zoom)


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