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Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Diversity and Inclusion Committee, 2019
2019 Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Faculty and Staff

The diversity and inclusion committee at Smith is comprised of Smith faculty and staff. This committee is formed to:

  1. CREATE a vision statement that transforms Smith;
  2. EXPAND the existing portfolio of experiences for diverse students at Smith; and
  3. DIVERSIFY the voices of leadership and decision making at Smith.

To request more information and to inquire about joining the committee, email Sara Herald at

Melanie Ashton
Assistant Director
Undergraduate Programs

Derek Bowe
Academic Advisor
Undergraduate Programs

Shannon Broughton
Employer Relations Program Manager
Office of Career Services

Sherri Campbell
Assistant Director, Exec. Assistant to Assistant Dean
Office of Career Services

Ashlee Chicoine
Director, Undergraduate Career Programming
Office of Career Services

Darrell Claiborne
Smith Operations

Nicole Coomber
Associate Clinical Professor
Management & Organization

Rachel DiDonna
Program Coordinator
QUEST Honors Program

Nima Farshchi
Center for Social Value Creation

Hermela Felten 
Academic Advisor
Undergraduate Programs

Mark Forrest
Program Director
Office of Development and Alumni Relations

Ebony Fullwood
Associate Director
Undergraduate Programs

Mary Beth Furst
Associate Clinical Professor

Associate Director, Social Entrepreneurship
Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship

Zeinab Karake
Clinical Professor
Decision, Operations & Information Technologies

Joyce Koo
Ed Snider Center for Enterprise and Markets

Kristin LaRiviere 
Associate Director
Undergraduate Programs

Adam Lee
Associate Clinical Professor
Decision, Operations and Information Technologies

Stephanie Lindo
Recruitment Manager, MBA
Master’s Program Office

Millicent Locke
Associate Director of Marketing
Office of Marketing Communications

Associate Dean
Undergraduate Programs

Cynthia O'Brien
Senior Director, Employer Relations
Office of Career Services

Maria Pineda
Director of Admissions, Full-Time MBA
Master's Program Office

Greg Rafal
Assistant Director, Global Programs
Center for Global Business

Doireann Renzi
Pedagogy Expert
Office of Transformational Learning

Justin Reyna
Department of Logistics, Business and Public Policy

Jessica Roffe
Assistant Director

Allison Schwarz
Executive Director, Alumni Relations
Office of Development and Alumni Relations

Tori Shay
Assistant Director
Undergraduate Programs

Jeanette Snider
Associate Director
Undergraduate Programs

Michael Sparrow
Smith Operations

Amy Swann
Director of Specialty Master's Programs
Master’s Program Office

Pam Talbott
Office of Transformational Learning

  1. Purpose Project Reboot
    Sherri Campbell, Jess Roffe, Shannon Broughton, Mark Forrest, Rachel DiDonna

  2. Smith's Black Agenda
    Stephanie Lindo, Jeanette Snider, Mark Forrest, Derek Bowe, Jr, Nicole Coomber, Melanie Ashton, Darrell Claiborne

  3. Smith Pride Committee
    Rachel DiDonna, Greg Rafal, Jeanette Snider

  4. Faculty resource development around anti-racism in the classroom
    Doireann Renzi

  5. Dis/Ability and Accessibility Committee
    Tori Shay, Ebony Fullwood, Jeanette Snider, Kristin LaRivere, Hermela Felten, Jessica Roffe

  6. Smith Reading and Dialogue Series
    Jeanette Snider

Diversity and Equity Council

Smith Student Committee

The students at Smith are dedicated to creating a truly welcoming environment in Van Munching Hall. The Diversity and Equity Council (DEC), overseen by Jeanette Snider, is comprised of graduate and undergraduate students who care deeply about the experiences of diverse students within our community. Their goals are to:

  1. REPRESENT the collective views of the student body;
  2. FACILITATE interaction within the community at large; and
  3. UNITE Smith so that we may thrive together, rather than struggle separately.

To learn more about the DEC, email Jeanette Snider at

  • Frances Ampah, Full-Time MBA
  • Camille Burt, Undergrad
  • David Caceres, Undergrad
  • Rishi Chary, Undergrad
  • Nicole Chen, Undergrad
  • Talita Fernandes de Oliveira, Undergrad
  • Lucas Gicom, Full-Time MBA
  • Karen Hao, Undergrad
  • Armand Hodge, Part-Time MBA
  • Abaan Kermani, Undergrad
  • Soda Lo, Undergrad
  • Ray Mizui, Undergrad
  • Maya Mudambi, PhD
  • Srikanth Ramachandran, Executive MBA
  • Katherine Robinson, Undergrad
  • Devin Srinvas, Undergrad
  • Jeremy Stein, Undergrad
  • Callie Wen, Undergrad
  • Malcolm Woodbury Undergrad
  1. #SmithSpeaks

    Purpose: To create and promote filmed informational testimonials of Smith community members for Black History Month, Women's History Month, APIDA Heritage Month, and Pride Month.

    Taskforce Members: Katherine Robinson, Jasmine Snead, Malcolm Woodberry

  2. DEI Thought Leadership

    Purpose: To improve Smith's diversity website so that it serves as an accessible, centralized repository for DEI information

    Taskforce Members: Malcolm Woodberry, Desiree Morrison, Jennifer Wang. Shirley During

  3. Pulse Check

    Purpose: To collect regular data on how students are functioning throughout the year to ultimately improve the students' experience at Smith

    Task Force Members: Justin Ferguson

  4. Recruitment

    Purpose: To incorporate feedback from the Inclusion Accountability & Oversight Coalition (IAOC) audit and ensure the inclusion of new undergraduate and graduate students from diverse backgrounds

    Taskforce members: Leila Bouhussein, Katherine Robinson, Malcolm Woodberry, Karen Hao, Samantha Chu, David Caceras

Equity in Career Services

Purpose: To identify any inequitable gaps in Smith's Office of Career Service (OCS) resource and service offerings and make recommendations for improvements.

Results: Learned that OCS does not have gaps in resources, but needs support in disseminating and advertising resources to a targeted audience. Established an ongoing and collaborative relationship.

Deliverable: OCS Initiative Task Force Results Summary

Voting and Political Education

Purpose: To ensure the Smith community is aware of the American voting/registration process and provide unbiased resources to educate about political information and how politics relate to business.

Results: Developed and disseminated a Voting and Political Education resource for the Smith community

Deliverable: Voting Equity

Inclusion Accountability & Oversight Coalition (IAOC)

Undergraduate Student Committee

Smith Student Leaders from the organizations of Dean’s Student Advisory Council (DSAC), Smith Undergraduate Student Association (SUSA), and the Diversity Empowerment Council (DEC) unified together to found the Inclusion Accountability and Oversight Coalition (IAOC). The IAOC is responsible for holding Smith leaders and the community accountable to building a truly diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment. The IAOC leverages its scale of influence to champion projects that push the status quo of the Smith community closer to its ideals in DEO. Their pillars are:

  1. Accountability of participating organizations and those within our purview. 
  2. Collaboration on both small and large-scale projects on advancing DEI within smith
  3. Representation of student voices within the Smith community organized to address their concerns. 

To learn more about the IAOC, email the chair, Katherine Robinson, at

  • Desiree Morrison, DEC
  • Jennifer Wang, DEC
  • Katherine Robinson, DEC, DSAC
  • Kunal Harmalkar, DSAC
  • Ally Merwitz, DSAC
  • Alexia Ayuk, SUSA
  • Alexandra Hargrett, SUSA
  • Paula Shin, SUSA
  1. Smith Census
    Purpose: to enable faculty, staff, and students to make better decisions by using aggregate data reporting to understand diversity within the business school.
    Taskforce Members: Kunal Harmalkar, Desiree Morrison, Alexandra Hargrett, Paula Shin
  2. Standardization
    Purpose: To establish the core framework of the IAOC and ensure operations will be maintained properly in years to come.
    Taskforce Members: Katherine Robinson, Jennifer Wang, Ally Merwitz, Alexia Ayuk

Internal and External Audits

Each fall semester, member organizations will conduct an internal audit to diagnose key problems and inform the external auditing party of the current state in regards to DEI. The external audits will measure the progress made in the interim and identify areas of improvement from an unbiased perspective.

Spring 2021 1-Page Internal Audit SummariesFall 2020 1-Page Internal Audit Summaries

Each spring semester, member organizations will be audited by others on IAOC who have been removed from the organization for at least 1 full semester and/or have never been a part of that organization. The external audit serves to diagnose key problems within the organization and inform the Smith community about the status and progress of DEC, DSAC, and SUSA.  The ultimate goal is to ensure all Smith organizations are continuously striving to be more equitable and inclusive. The external audits summaries will be published at the end of April.

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