Terp Startup Fellows

The Terp Startup Fellows program is the Dingman Center’s newest effort to accelerate our most promising student startups. Building on the success of the Terp Startup summer accelerator, the recipients of this prestigious fellowship are founders who have demonstrated strong commitment to their ventures and the ability to innovate as they push towards commercialization. As fellows, these student founders develop clear milestones as they work on their ventures for at least 10 hours per week in the center throughout the academic year.

The program features four key elements:

  • Non-dilutive seed funding up to $20,000
  • Access to office space
  • Ongoing advising
  • Access to the Dingman Center Mentor Network

Students who demonstrate exceptional growth and drive during Terp Startup in the summer may be considered as candidates for extended access to resources as Terp Startup fellows in the fall.

The program is funded by a generous gift from Bill Boyle ’81, donor and chairman of the Dingman Center's advisory board, who has also served as a venture mentor to members of the Terp Startup cohort and a coach in Pitch Dingman Competition. Learn more about Boyle's vision for the program in our press release.

2020-21 Fellows

BraceLint – Daniel Rathiel ’20, Founder

BraceLint is a commercial goods company that produces a patent-pending, flat-fitting, and pocket-sized version of the lint roller for professional pet parents on-the-go! We all have important moments in life where we need to dress to impress and Founder Daniel Raithel '20 is on a mission to keep you confident and prepared, even when you aren't. BraceLint has been through all of the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship's programs including Spark, Dingman Jumpstart, New Venture Practicum, Dingman Fridays, Terp Startup Accelerator, Pitch Dingman Competition (top 5 finalist) and is now selling on Amazon along with testing in select stores throughout Maryland and Virginia.

Door Robotics –Josh Ermias ’20, Co-Founder

Door Robotics aims to use drone technology to improve the way we capture the world around us. On September 29, Door Robotics will be introducing their flagship product, the Vista. The first-ever 360° camera drone is positioned to facilitate the real estate market and alleviate the hassles associated with real estate photography. This product will autonomously fly through a fully open-door property and capture content with a 3D layout in a quarter of the time it takes with other solutions.

The Sustainable Socialite – Sarah Lader ’20, Founder

The Sustainable Socialite sells curated vintage/vintage style pieces and upcycled fashion to help you stand out from the crowd while standing up to fight fast fashion. Founder Sarah Lader believes in bringing life back to old clothing items to keep them out of landfills and to prevent people from shopping for new items, which contributes to 108 million tons of non-renewable resources wasted every year. Their items are handpicked, one-of-a-kind, and feature modern yet eclectic vibes to spice up your wardrobe!

Memley – Steven Jettoo ’20

Memley(formerly NuroSTREAM), co-founded by computer science student Steven Jettoo (CEO) and alumna Kirsten “Sage” Newman ’15 (COO), is an education-technology startup that aims to enhance students' learning curve by streamlining educational content, easing access to efficient learning tools, and captivating minds. Their learning platform, Memley, features research-backed memory-enhancing tools that enable students to experience significant academic gains in major content areas as well as assist educators in a reduction of instructional time spent on skill and drill assessments of core knowledge.

With funding from the Terp Startup Fellows program, Jettoo launched a paid pilot with Jersey City Global Charter Schools to utilize Memley as part of their everyday classroom environment. The data from the case study will create a path to attracting new schools to their platform. The founder is seeking to utilize funds to hire a full-time CTO to help scale the company as ongoing partnerships with new school systems are established.

ENLY – Tom Savransky ’20, Jonathan Schneider ’20

ENLY(umbrella company “Savvy Tech”) is a fashion tech startup led by a Maryland Smith senior finance student Thomas Savransky (CEO), a Maryland Smith senior finance and info-systems double major Jonathan Schneider (COO). Over the past two years, the founders have been developing their app, ENLY, to allow fashion customers to try on and buy designer clothing in a virtual marketplace. A key feature of the app is technology that will allow users to submit a selfie and their measurements to render a 3D avatar that will determine clothing fit. The founders hope that ENLY will reduce clothing returns and encourage sustainability in fashion.

Through funding from the Terp Startup Fellows program, the ENLY team was able to attend strategic fashion shows and forge connections with retailers and investors to help refine their business model. They also completed the development of their app and redesigned their website.

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